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Question Betta "courting" question

Ok I said courting because its a little different than the act of spawning it's self, its the leading up to the spawm that I'm wondering about. My last betta pair was several years ago so I really dont remember if the female did this or not. My pair will be first time spawners, and have been together 2 days now, My male is working hard on his nest, it has tripled since last night even. My female is starting to get "braver" i guess and darts out of hiding, inspects the nest, nips the male and darts away, she doesnt really even give him time to react. What is she doing? At first it was every few hours but now she has done it 3 times this morning. I take it as a sign of progress because the male doesnt get aggressive over it but actually speeds up his nest building, but im puzzled lol I had read multiple times that the female will get submissive and swim to him head down, not bite him lol
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Pre spawn behavior can vary just as any part of the spawning act......some females are more demanding than others....sometimes a female will go to the male and nudge them as if to say..."its time".....and if he is not ready...she will attack him or destroy the nest.....I had females demand to spawn and kill the male if he didn't comply...some of these ladies can be pretty

Your females behavior sounds typical and its just a matter of time.....hopefully soon you will see her approach him and give him a nudge and he will roll her over to embrace..she may or may not approach head down/clamped fin submissive....only time will tell....regardless...its fun to watch and anything can can be different with every spawn even with the same breeders......
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My female did that a couple of times too, and it worried me a bit at first, but then I noticed that it also caused my male to work harder. I'm still not really sure why exactly she did it, but now I assume it was flirting? Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Because that's eventually how they started spawning, she swam over and nipped/nudged him in the side and then they embraced.
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Ahhh, OFL, you were a life saver with me too!
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I think it's her way of saying let's get the show on the road. lol
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