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Originally Posted by Sakura8 View Post
Freeze-dried foods aren't bad. They're very misunderstood and for some reason I'm their biggest advocate. And no, I'm not working for a fish food company. Freeze-dried foods are fine in moderation. The best method of feeding your betta is to feed a variety of foods. Pellets for one meal, freeze-dried for another, frozen for the third. Some people are comfortable feeding one freeze-dried bloodworm a day, others prefer to feed those only once or twice a week. It's your call, Happythebetta.

Also, technically, corys can be kept in pairs. They'll do fine - unlike other schooling fish, corys won't pine away without large numbers of their kind. But they are happiest in groups of three or more, with five or six being ideal. So definitely, follow JKFish's advice and get two more corys when the tank is cycled. That will probably be several weeks from now.

Keep an eye on Happy and if he seems like he is struggling to breath or to swim up to the surface, post immediately. Those are signs of a serious problem. Hope everything turns out okay.
I agree about the freeze dried food. I feed it to mine and never have a problem. I only feed freeze dried food once a week or sometimes even less than that.
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As suggested, you need to increase your water changes and cycle the tank... And cories are schooling fish so once your tank is cycled properly, you should get 1 or 2 more...

Otherwise, I do not like freeze dried foods at all... They are not as nutritious and can cause some really bad cases of bloat when overfed. IMO they do not add variety to a diet since they don't have anything good in them... Plus, your betta would much prefer a frozen treat to a freeze dried treat. If you are going to feed freeze dried, make sure you soak them thoroughly before feeding so there is less chance that your betta gets impacted... The general consensus on this forum seems to lean towards very limited use of freeze dried foods but some people do like them.
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