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Petsmart? I refuse to shop at such a vile establishment. Their dried goods are cheap because they sell them in mass, but short of that they're nothing compared to the store I work at. Plus I wouldn't get the 20% discount on all goods. I'll try out those foods - I'm sure my store will order them for me if we don't regularly stock them.

Hey, my tank is going to be overgrown at some point and if you'd like, I can send you some plants once everything is looking good in my tank.

Oh god no that's not really his name. I stay away from corny and human names, as a general rule. Not uncommon human names - but tom, jim, charles and the like are all out of the question. I'm awful at naming though. I'm leaning towards a greek god or astrological sign at the moment after watching him kill a tetra (how does that even happen?)

Glad to hear little Sherm is doing so well. Sounds like his nurse is keeping him in top shape. I'm not sure why mine would never eat the peas. I think they take one look at the green goop and think "What? That's not a bloodworm. How dare you!" They're quite snobbish. I've never tried the daphnia, but I've heard good things about it. That would be suitable for fry as well, right?

I'd love to see pictures of the new fish, even if it is just a fat zebra danio. I don't think Petsmart values betta health very much, and I have inside information confirming they let the bettas sit in the shipment bags for up to 5 days. Have you ever seen a betta shipment bag? Cut a 2 inch triangle from the corner of a plastic ziplock, seal it up with air and add just enough medication-dyed water to cover the fish and you'll know what I'm talking about. Then, cram those small packets into one large bag and throw it in a box. I unpack the bettas where I work and it always makes me sad. They can't even move, nor do they always have enough water. But, we always get them out of the bags the first day - atleast we do now that I work there - nobody would dare mistreat a betta while I'm on duty! :D

Fishy is doing awesome. As I said earlier, he killed a neon tetra - came right up below him and bit his neck and bit his head, killing him instantly. I liked the tetra, but I was more happy to see my beloved betta acting well.... Like a normal betta. He's been trying to pick up the female I have in the spawn tank next to his. He puffs his fins up, but I don't think he can flare for some reason. But, he swims very well, albeit a bit odd, and has only had one run in with his nemesis, the filter.

I have a pure-white super delta almost conditioned with a simple purple-pink veiltail at the moment. Won't be the prettiest spawn, but my fry tank was getting lonely with only 3 fry in it after a freak heating accident. I'm debating whether or not I want to spawn this anomaly of a fish. I'm convinced it's definitely a genetic thing, and while passing it down wouldn't be the end of the world, the fry may not turn out healthy. Either way, if I do spawn him, the first and healthiest baby will be yours.

Wondering where I can find a super/delta female of any good quality, short of aquabid. Does Petsmart generally stock them?
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Petsmart is a necessary evil for me. Actually, just about any big-box chain store is a necessary evil for me. I suppose I should count myself lucky that there's one five minutes away, what with the amount of time I've been spending at the place. Ergh. And I'll have to go there again soon to pick up some rocks to anchor a few wayward plants down. And driftwood, too. I'm going to try to not walk out with another fish but I'll soon have a tank free so the odds are against me. The odds and all those big betta eyes watching me walk out the door, silently screaming, "Noooo! Take me home!" Oh, the haunting nightmares, I can hear their little fishy voices in my sleep. "Why, why did you turn your back on us? We needed you! *blurp splash* We need good homes!" Oh yes, methinks whether I mean to or not, I could end up with another one and very soon. And I was planning on getting panda corys for my 10g, too. If I don't find some soon, it'll be filled with betta girls.

I'll definitely want to see pics of this underwater forest you're creating for Mr. Fishy. But be aware that whatever plants you send me will probably die in short order. I'm such a bad aquatic gardener I think I can make plastic plants die. But hey, as long as the fish live.

Greek god, huh? If he's taking on tetras, he sorta seems like a Hades to me. "To the underworld, tetra, cross the river Styxx!" He's certainly getting his energy back, isn't he? Alas, it seems like Mr. Fishy is making it abundantly clear that he is a solo act. Hades . . . Ares, Apollo, Zeus, Poseidon, where is that book of greek myths? Oh, buried under all the fish books. Literally.

Sherm is going to continue his stay at the Sakura Hospital Tank for another few days so he can be immersed in epsom salts for a little longer. I'm not sure I'll do the whole 10 days of treatment, though. I fed him bloodworms today and he's digested them fine (just sucked out the proof with a turkey baster) so I think his little system's running fine now. Plus, he kinda has to stay there until his new 3g home is finished, which won't be for another day or two. It's okay, his insurance covers it.

Daphnia is suitable for fry, yes. They're basically water fleas. Don't know about frozen daphnia but there are some sites online that sell starter daphnia cultures. Do you mainly feed baby brine shrimp to your fry or a commercial fry food?

Oh, I KNOW Petsmart doesn't value betta life much at all. Rotten buggers, I didn't like the way they treated bettas before you told me all about the shipping and now I'm positively steamed. Might have to go and rescue a few as soon as possible. *stomps off* Oh wait. They're closed now and there'd be no one to care for my fish while I'm in the slammer for breaking and entering. It must be hard for you sometimes, working in a fish store. I know there's someone else on the forum who works at a Petco and it's all she can do to not buy every betta as they come in.

I'm so glad Mr. Fishy is acting more like a betta. Not so pleased he showed it by committing fishicide but hey, he's a fish, whatcha gonna do. And at least he made it quick. Maybe he doesn't flare because his fins are so glamorous he doesn't need to. So they haven't shown any sign of uncurling? That's really interesting. He's unique all right. I can't wait to see him in his new planted tank. Those gorgeous fins with the plants as a backdrop. Yup, he could be a betta calendar model. Betta babes everywhere will swoon over him. Photos of him could become the perfect conditioning tool for breeders. No need to feed live worms any more, just show your girl a photo of handsome *insert name here* and they'll be ready before your male has said "Bubblenest."

I guess the only way to tell how the fry would turn out is to produce some. I imagine breeding this guy to get the curly fin trait would be a lot like when they first started breeding the Scottish Fold cats, who have those ears that fold down flat. Someone probably wondered the same thing when they saw the first SF cat. "What will the kittens be like?" And now it's a thriving cat breed. *shrugs* Who knows? But if it's a dormant trait and doesn't pass down, then he'd be perfectly healthy for breeding, right? If that's the case, you can breed him for his coloring, since he'd be a showstopper even with normal fins.

Aww, thank you. *blushes* If you spawn him and the fry are healthy, I'll be sure to take good care of the little guy. Or girl. I'll even name him after you. Nexangelus for a guy, Nexangela for a girl.

What do you do with the fry you breed? I talked to one of my LFS and while they said they do buy juveniles, they didn't sound all that enthusiastic about it. One reason why I haven't tried my hand at it. I just don't know what I'd do with them. But I'll be interested to see how your current pairing turns out. I've seen betta fry in books but I've never seen betta juveniles as they grow and mature. You could make a mini-documentary and put it on Youtube.

Do you have any betta organizations where you live? There's one here in CA. In fact, I notice they're holding a breeder's convention in San Francisco June 23. So maybe there's a similar organization near you. I've heard you can get some great breeding quality bettas from people in groups like that. And without having to pay the shipping. But Petsmart? Nah. Good quality for pets but I'd be worried about how their generally poor health might affect breeding. Plus, who knows what their own parentage was like? The bettas at places like Petsmart could be severely inbred or something like that.

Ah, past midnight and my bettas are reminding me it's time for their late night meal. Come to think of it, I could use a snack too. Just not frozen bloodworms for me. Blech. G'night!
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