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Old 04-02-2013, 10:44 PM   #60281 
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Originally Posted by Tikibirds
My sister works on a throughbreed farm and HATES the horses. SAys they are nasty
If they're not respected or treated poorly, then yes, they will be nasty. Any horse will be nasty when treated as such.
She is a pretty rotten person to begin with.

Does anybody see something wrong with him that I am missing? I though he was just cold in this pic cause the tetra heater only heats up to 73...He has been all mopy since he got bottes from the ladies tank.

I put him in a divided 10G thinking he was just cold but he spnds most of the time floating at the top or laying on the bottom. he eats but seems to have issues finding the food...could he be blind? He isn't completly lethargic, he does swim around a little but not much.
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Location: Elk Grove, California
Hi Yuuie!

Yeah, I'm so not a fan of the drugs and doping in the horse racing industry so that's why I'm glad organizations are stepping up to halt it.

Thoroughbreds are known for being the most high strung horses. It's part of their competitive fire. One mare, known for being a champion turf racer, would bite everyone in sight. But that same nasty streak made her a winner able to beat the boys.

I love show jumping although I can see why not everyone likes it. But the beauty of watching a horse soar over a jump that is a foot taller than me is amazing. However, as with any equine sport, I only like it if the horse shows how much they too like it. With many race horses and equine competitors, you can see how much they love what they are doing. Thoroughbreds were bred to run and they would run like that whether we ask them to or not. I would love watching Zenyatta because she clearly loved to run. Her ears were always pricked forward, not flattened.

Ah, well, horses aren't for everybody. :) And yes, some breeds of horse, especially large draft breeds, are bred specifically for meat. However, for the number of horses who head to the knackers because they failed on the track or in a sport . . . many humane organizations are working to shut that down and see that the horses are rehabilitated for another line of work, especially after what happened to Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand.

EDIT: Tiki, I can't help. I've got two doing pretty much the same thing and I have no idea why either. Those symptoms could be caused by virtually anything. :( I hate it when that's how they choose to get sick. At least get sick in a way so I know how to help, dangit!
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Old 04-02-2013, 11:12 PM   #60283 
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Location: Shangdong, China
At least get sick in a way so I know how to help, dangit!
I know, right? Stupid fish. I've got all sorts of medicines - quic cure, general cure, furan 2, maracyn 2, triple sulfa, tetracycline, kannaplex, metrodozinal, fungus cure, methelene blue, anti parasite fizzy tabs and 3 bottles of some other random jungle parasite stuff that looks like yellow crystals...

The 10G is being treated with Triple Sulfa just in case since he was in the same tan with Zecora who died for reasons I am not sure - only sysmptoms were clamped, floating at odd angels and looed like she was having issues breathing...

*glares at top fin heater* Tank dosent smell funny or anything though and when that other heater shattered in the tank, it stank up the room of burning plastic

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Old 04-03-2013, 04:04 AM   #60284 
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Location: Washington
Home from our stressful road trip. it was a good day overall. Got a cute little dress, two pairs of plugs, a stuffed toy for Lucy and a deliciously inappropriate doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts. also a minor panic attack from being yelled at by my stressed out sister when we got lost, but id call today a success.
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Location: Kingston, Ontario
Poor horses. I am genuinely curious what horse meat tastes like, not to offend anyone. Never had it. You hear so much of them being killed for food but I've never seen it in grocery or fancy restaurants, I do get that it's taboo to most here. I am not a big beef and pork fan (prefer the smaller stuff, easier to digest) though.

I can't believe I got all my work done. Took me till 10:30. Didn't get to study but I still have this morning and I feel pretty prepared for the test.

I've been reading about the apparent magic that is castile soap. Wash your house with it, wash your body and face, your hair, brush your teeth with it. Does everything and apparently is really good at it. I was a skeptic but I can't find anything bad about it, it is antibacterial even.. I will have to find some and try it, supposedly it is dirt cheap...

Tiki, what happens if you put him back near the girls?
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Old 04-03-2013, 06:54 AM   #60286 
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Location: Dartmouth, NS
I think horse jumping is boring. My sister used to watch it all the time. Racing, well- the stigma attached to it makes me cringe a little but I admit my knowledge of the baddies of the sport are seriously outdated. I don't know about new changes being implemented. I DO like horse dressage!! It's a talent of art, music and trust. There was a blind horse who did dressage with her human mom going solely by the voice of her mom and trusting her completely. Made me a cry a bit, I won't lie.

Olympia, I think horse meat is the same as any meat. It's a by product of a 'sport'. People don't like the idea bc they like "safe" ideas about animals and don't want to believe in things like horse meat and cat/dog meat in pet food. (*which, by the way, is labelled "chicken/pork/beef MEAL") It's like someone telling me they eat rabbits, then apologizing to me.. I feel like smacking them upside the head. I need a tattoo on my head that says "I don't care" so I can stop saying it so often.

Maybe your fish, Tiki and Sakura, are simply old?? If they're not responding to medication and their water is warm and safe paramters... Maybe they're just old age.

So Matt and I were looking at job offerings in Japan and Singapore. I think we have a better chance in Singapore bc we don't know ANY Japanese and a lot of the job offerings require at least basic Japanese. Whereas, Singapore is a just a coglomeration of different languages, cultures, ideas.. English is among their first languages. AND they have a Little India, Little China and a Muslim section devoted. All the things to do!! (I need to stop watching youtube travel docs)
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Location: Central Texas
A friend of ours here is on the racing commission. He's the one who used to own Tapitsfly.
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Old 04-03-2013, 08:13 AM   #60288 
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Location: VA
Only horse I trusted completely to gallop in the field and take care of me was an OTTB (for anyone who doesn't know what that is, it stands for "Off the Track Thoroughbred", an ex-racehorse).

I hope I can complete everything I meant to get done today. sigh >.>
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Old 04-03-2013, 08:39 AM   #60289 
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Location: Springfield, Va
Laki I know how you feel about people liking safe ideas. People can't grasp that I love animals and fish alike yet I both hunt and fish. And yes I would actually have no problem eating horse, I've heard horse and donkey are actually tasty.

Also apparently in my neighborhood we have quite the manegerie of animals. Last night I awoke to the sound of deep growling and looked out the window to see a shadowy figure crawling up the driveway then more growling and then a bobcat goes running down the street! O.O It seemed that it had got in a fight with a fox! O_o
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Location: Elk Grove, California
Olympia, did you hear about the horse meat controversy in Europe a couple months ago? Apparently horse meat was even in Ikea meatballs in Switzerland. I have no problem with people eating horse meat, as long as it's labeled liked any other meat.

Personally, I think horse meat would be a bit gamey or tough.

Laki, dressage is pure art. :) People don't realize what fine control both horse and rider must have and how well they must trust each other.

Tiki, why does your sister work on a horse farm if she hates horses?

Laki, I honestly don't know. That's usually what I tell people whose fish have unidentifiable symptoms so it could very well be true for mine. I don't think I've had him a year yet. I finally put him in a cup because he can't stay up long enough to eat.

The racing commission really has its work cut out for it now. But they've made great strides (no pun intended) toward cleaning up the image of horse racing.

Goodness, Kinetic. Do you live near a wooded area or a river?
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0_o, banana !!, bettathanyou, cornucopia=not yummy, eat the cheese, eyeballs!!!!! 0.o"o.0, i started a trend - maisy, like a thread in a thread, tag bombed!, tag! you're it!, taggy mctaggerson, taggy mctaggerson ii, that is dobby's cheese, throw the cheese

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