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Old 06-15-2011, 06:49 PM   #11 
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Do you have any frozen shrimp or fish in your freezer...if so....cut and smash a small piece and offer that or even better....mosquito larva.....go look outside for some standing water net the larva, rinse under running water and offer them-live food can often stimulate feeding any fresh garlic....crush some and roll the fish food in the juice and offer this on the end of a tooth pick......

How big is the tank, how much and how often are the water changes, water temp, filter, live plants, additives used, tank mates.....type of lights and how long are they is he acting otherwise besides not eating.....
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The tank is a five gallon. I do half tank water changes every week. Temp is about room, wich is warm enough for a betta, I checked lol. Light is regular hood light, and it's all all day and off at night. Addatives are betta conditioner, no live plants, and the filter is a wisper.
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room temp isn't that great for them, actually, unless you live in an area that's hot all year round. x: you should get him a small adjustable heater.
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I've found with pet store bettas that some of them will not take anything but pellets at first, it's like they don't know that its food.

As someone said FD foods aren't really healthy anyways.

Try pellets or even if you have a tiny piece of raw shrimp or fish you can give that to him to try. If you live in a pollution free area live foods like hand caught small flies and mosquito larvae work well.
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