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Any kind of shrimp tough enough to with stand the cycling process?

The reason I want shrimp is there will be other tankmates so I don't want snails(they would add to much to the bio-load with combined with my other TMs). Thx for your help
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shrimps typically are pretty fragile when it comes to water params... but if you do your cycle correctly, they could make it through. You'd just have to monitor the water params and make sure if anything gets above .25 ppms that you do a water change to get rid of it. If you are doing a fish in cycle, I would go ahead and wait until it is cycled all the way before adding any tankmates
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I am cycling my tanks using a fishless method since I can keep my bettas in their current tanks until their new tanks are ready. Is this a tank that already has fish in it or are you planning ahead? If the tank is already populated, you should finish cycling and then add the shrimp. A fish has to be very hardy to survive cycling because of all the ammonia spikes that happen during the first half of the process.

If the tank is still empty, then you can go to the sticky that explains five different ways to cycle a tank. I personally liked the "Fishless Cycle" with shrimp instructions. I'm not home so I won't be able to post a picture of my set up until after 5. I don't know if you've already heard of the shrimp cycling method and thought it involved live shrimp, or if you just want to add shrimp to a tank you will cycle in the future. Hoepfully, my post is helpful either way. :)
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