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Old 06-20-2011, 05:43 PM   #11 
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Originally Posted by masshiimarro View Post
lol my male had an obvious egg spot too... until it went away as he got older.. 0_o
haha be warned.... XD
Mine STILL has an egg spot looking thing. He's going on two years old+ /__\

Sigh, Alle, the ladyfish.
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Yeah pretty sure shes female. I guess I'm not completely positive. But, I'm pretty sure. She never flares, just I've seen her once, and idr why. But like almost no beard and it wasn't very big. I'm just almost sure.
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OK, I am no expert, but, she doesn't look like a female VT to me... she looks like a female HM. I say that because the female VT's I have seen have more oval tail fins. The HMPK's I have and HM's have the nice rounded tail fin like she has.


Female Veiltail- see how it kind of points at the end? Not the best pic since she is swimming but you get the idea...
Name:  female veiltail.jpg
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Size:  3.2 KB

Female halfmoon- no point, just a nice rounded tail.
Name:  female halfmoon.jpg
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Size:  7.0 KB

UNLESS she is not HM because of branching, because i know nothing of branching... :D Or i could just be wrong...

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Old 06-21-2011, 03:09 AM   #14 
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Well he reason why you would honk she is a HM is because in the picture she isn't clamping her tail like the female in the above vt picture is doing. Usually you can't tell a tail type until the betta is actually flaring. The female that was asked tail type to be identified is a veil tail female. Those pictures are also from either google or and usually stores like petco are not really worried about how their fish or other products are supposed to be correctly identified but to just make money.

It is known that the correct vt shape is not a oval shape but it like a broom kind of. At least that's what I think of it as. An oval shaped tale on a betta, (male or females) are called spade tails. Spade tails do not have their own category just like combtails.

Spade tails are forms of veil tail bettas and they have an oval shaped caudal.

So that indeed is a female veil tail.
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Location: Rochester, NY
Hmm... all the vt females I have ever seen have a longer, more oval shaped tail, not rounded. The pic of the vt is a bad one cause she is swimming, but later if I have time I will post a pic of my vt and a few others I have seen so I can show you what I mean. I don't mean a spade tail.
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