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Upgrading to a 15 gal; a few questions


I'm finally out of college so I can upgrade my little betta from a 2.5g to a 15g! Right now it's heated and sometimes filtered (I only turn it on after a water change; the current is too strong for him and I never had the chance to get a better one. He's totally fine though. A very happy fish). I plan on fully planting the tank (water wisteria, java moss, java fern, and some dwarf anubias) and maybe adding 3-5 albino cories.

I know I'm going to have to get a different filter and heater.I read cories like current, but I'd only have a very, very, very gentle current. Would the Whisper 30 Power Filter be good? And what adjustable heater would be best? I often see Hydor 50 watts being suggested...

One last thing. Bruce Wayne occasionally knocks himself up or bites his tail, especially after a big change. Would bettafix negatively affect the cories and/or plants? Is there an alternative that would keep Bruce just as healthy and everyone else okay too?

Thank you! I'm very excited to get started. :D
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I don't have tetra equipment in my gear list for tanks over 4 gallons.

Aquaclear 20 or 30 depending on fish load, Hydor or Penn Plax heater for a 20 would be fine. The Aquaclear I think we can all agree on.

The Penn Plax "Cascade" heaters are very reliable and also inexpensive. I commonly get them cheaper at petsupermarket than you can get tetra heaters at walmart.

You'll want a nice air pump, I've had fine luck with the aqua-tech line from walmart. The two-port pump actually has two different flow rates. With an Aquaclear you can simply hook the air-stones up and force them down inside the "stack" of media in the basket arrangement.

I've had too many odd issues with "fix" products affecting carbon, material, food, surface air, CO2 release and down-right alergies to them to ever advise people to use them. Admittedly there ARE things snake oil is the correct response to but for the most part I have yet to see any "fix" replace careful water quality management, correct tank arrangement, proper aeration and water circulation.
If you include trace salt, epsom salt and use small amounts of neutral regulation material in change water you should be able to keep him very healthy. Remember to get a 1g tank set up for hospital.

With a tank above 10g I suggest going ahead and learning planting. Plants generally act as a non-fouling carbon filter for minor levels of most atmospheric/household chemicals.

You'll also want to get a couple two or three gallon watering cans for use as buckets for the water changes.

Tho to be clear and give you an opinion, if you have the income and inclination, at 15 gallons you start getting into an interesting place where you can use the smallest canister filters (actual, not just zoo med/tom's) and produce a very pretty clean looking tank.

One of the simplest flow controlling tricks for canister filters is to get a second intake pipe for the output and put sponge pre-filters both on the in and out heads.

Canister filters, since they don't have to force water through a small area, can rely on much lower gph rates with greatly superior results. They are usually around $80.00 for the starting models and almost always come with sufficient media.

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