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Cloudy water! Uhg!

Deimos was placed in his 3.5 gallon tank two days ago, and it started clear and is now getting cloudy. This is my first fish in many years, and I am bothered by the cloudy water. I considered doing a half tank water change but Deimos has only been in there for two days, and it seems too soon. He's got conditioner and waste breakdown in there which is basic stuff.

We've been trying to figure out which amount to feed him, so there is some extra sitting on the bottom. We know now to use less food. The problem was the filter was super strong before we put the sponge, and blew the food to the bottom within seconds.

Any advice or remedies? Shall I wait, or do a 50% water change?

Thanks, everyone!
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Yeah, go ahead and do a water change. Sometimes new tanks get a cloudy water problem as they will take a while to settle. In the mean time, water changes won't stress the fish too much, as long as you are least invasive as possible and make sure the new water is the same temperature as the old.

Did you wash the gravel/sand before putting it in the tank? Sometimes it can cause bad cloudy water if you don't.
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Welcome to the forum....

I would go ahead and make a 50% water change and get the left over food may need to make a couple of daily 50% and then stay on a regular schedule water changes of twice weekly 50%....1-50% water only and 1-50% to include the substrate cleaning by vacuum or stir and dip method.....

Filter media...give it a swish/rinse in old tank water a couple of times a month with a water change....

Be sure and remove uneaten food within 10-15 min. after feeding....

Love to see some pic of your Betta and setup.....
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Thank you, guys! We will try the 50% change and see what happens.

There is a picture of Deimos in the Betta Pictures thread, and I will get a picture of the tank when the water clears a bit more. We have two live plants in there, as well.. I believe they are Moneywort and Amazon sword.
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