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Old 06-26-2011, 07:58 PM   #1 
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Exclamation Ryuu has a spit fin!

I bought my red double tail betta a few weeks ago. He lives in a one gallon tank (my mom insisted that it was pleanty big enough, I'm not yet convinced, but he seems to be doing okay) There's a filter and a heater, I keep the water at about 76-78 degrees. I use a water conditioner and make sure the pH, KH, GH, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Ammonia levels are where they should be. And I keep him in my room (away from the vent).

I visited my grandparents in Ohio this past week and I couldn't take Ryuu with me. So I brought him over to my family-friends house to take care of him (feed him, check the water, etc). I just got him from their house today and he seemed to be doing great, until I looked at his fins.

The lower tail fin is split to the middle, which had me really upset for the rest of the day. I brought him home and did a complete water change. He's doing fine, no strange behavior that I can see. He does have two plastic plants and some Roman ruins colums. All of these are very smooth and have abosultely no sharp edges. I put large smooth pebbles at the bottom of the tank that he seems to like a lot.

1. Should I be really worried about his fin?
2. Will his fin grow back to the way it was before?
3. Should I add or do anything to the water besides the water conditioner?

I'll go to the store as much as I need to and I'll buy whatever I need to help him heal.
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I just noticed there's some clear at the end of the split in the middle of his fin. Normal?
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without seeing a picture, I Can't say for certain, but clear or clear/whitish growth is usually new fin growth. If it's just one tear, it was probably an accident, keep his water cleaned to prevent rot. Some people suggest adding AQ salt. For now just keep up with the water changes.
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Don't worry, he probably got it too close to the filter or accidentally nipped it in half. Keep the water clean with daily 50-100 percent water changes and he will be fine. Clearness on the edge of the fin is most likely new growth. Rot is either black if bacterial or white and fuzzy if fungal. My fish is a chronic tail biter but has never contracted fin rot. Unfortunately it never heals to what it was like before, but in the case of fin splits it will fuse back together. I also use Stress Coat as my conditioner for its fin healing qualities.

You can add aquarium salt if you want (1 tsp per gallon) to prevent infection and encourage new growth but warm clean water can do the trick just fine.

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My last betta (a blue and black VT named Bubbles) had a major case of fin rot. I did all I could but he died. That was two years ago though. I actually accidentally called Ryuu Bubbles once. Haha, I felt so bad!
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fin split

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