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A few questions. . .

Hi! I'm new here, and I'd just like to say that this forum has been a great help to me.

I kept guppies for a while, but after some bad luck and bad stock, I was left with an empty tank. I decided to get a betta two weeks ago, and I came back with Napoleon, the ct in my avatar. :)

First question. Is it normal for him to be very dart-y when he swims? He's done this ever since I got him- he just darts up, down, left right. . . he doesn't have trouble getting down or up, so I don't think it would be sbd.
He also has only made on very tiny bubble nest, is this a bad sign?
Sorry if I sound slightly paranoid, haha!

Second question. I currently have this tank, except in a 5 gallon version. I love my betta and I'd like to get another one, but I really don't have any more space for another tank. Can I divide that one and put a girl on the other side? I suppose the question I'm really trying to ask is, can I divide that specific tank? It's curved in the front, so would the divider stay in place?

This is my current set up, btw. Filter, heater, gravel substrate, some fake plants, etc, as well as a white mystery snail.

And last question (I promise!) I'm currently feeding him 1 pellet at a time, 3 times a day, and one freeze-dried bloodworm as a treat once a week. Does that sound good?

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Welcome to the forum.....and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

The way he is swimming may be just his way to swim with his heavy fins...its hard to say.....can you post a video.....

Depending on the pellet size you may need to feed him more than one 3 times a day.....but 3 times a day is good.....

I can't help you with the divider question....but I am sure someone will be around to help......
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welcome! :D
well id say you definitely could divide that tank, just make sure you trim the divider to fit. aquarium sealant would be your best friend in this case, youre going to need it to keep the divider in place.. just be REALLY careful with gaps and spaces in which your betta could squeeze/ jump through. you wouldnt want any accidental spawns or fighting to take place!

as for bubble nests, it depends on their personality. i have 2 bettas, and one makes a new nest EVERYDAY, while the other one made one.... and never made another one again. lol i guess it wasnt his cup of tea. :P so if he isnt really making a nest, its okay. hes just not up for it.

if its the betta in your avatar, he looks lovely!
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Oldfishlady: Thank you!
That could be. . . when I went up to take a video, I watched him for a bit, and oddly enough barely darts anymore! I've had him just under a month old, do you think it's maybe taken him this long to settle down?

I'm feeding him Top Fin Color Enhancing Betta Bits- do you think 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 2 at night would be better? Or too much? I just don't want to overfeed him, haha.

masshiimarro: I'm not sure if I want the divider to be permanent though, in case I find a place for another tank. . . is there any way to make the divider secure without sealant? Or is there any way to get rid of the sealant after it's set? But I'll definitely be careful, a death is the last thing I want.

Ok, that makes me feel better. :3 And thanks, that's him!

Unfortunately, as I went to check on him to take the video, I noticed he had something wrong with his head? It looks more like a scrape with missing scales than any sort of fungus or other nasty bacteria. It's the white patch between his eyes:

What can I do to help with it? So far I put in some Melafix, I remember that always helped me with my guppies. . .
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