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Mermaid Fish
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pretty colors!
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Originally Posted by Pitluvs View Post
I just want to say hello neighbor! Nice to see someone close, we're in Eastern NS here :) He's gorgeous, you are lucky. We don't get Bettas like that here in LPS. But thankfully there is a breeder on the mainland and she has orange copper dragon HM's, and I get second pick! You did amazing!

We just purchased a Red Copper HM on Aquabid. I think we have the same tastes hehe

Hi, fellow East Coaster!!!!!

I've considered using Aquabid, but with the mail strike, I don't think I want to risk it, even though I know the shipping from AB is probably not gonna have anything to do with Canada Post. I also want to order some marimo balls from the UK off of ebay, but again, same thing.

If you wanted to have a look at my copper HM, Newf, he's in the thread 'Oh Snoogerbots!'. The first few pics are when I was acclimatizing him to the tank, but there are some better ones further into the thread. The pet store I got him from (that's where the breeder works) had a red copper there as well as Newf and another purple copper. I'm guessing they were all from the same spawn.

I was quite surprised to see the dragon betta there, especially since I had put my name down for a dragon betta if one came in when I was in the store the week before, but nobody had called me. Maybe it was because he looks to be only half betta. But I'm guessing they just forgot. I only went in this week because I knew they were getting some HMs , and I wanted to see all the pretty fishies.

We don't get lots of bettas like him here, either. He's the first I've seen anywhere in St. John's that looks like that. Most stores only sell VTs and CTs.
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Gorgeous boy!!! Lucky find!!
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Our store only sells VTs :( You're some lucky!

By the way, the breeder in NS is and she ships :) Her prices are decent too.

Canada Post has a lot to do with buying on AQ sadly. My boy we bought the other day, had to wait until today to see if the strike was done. I had to convince the breeder NOT to ship FedEx or CP as the next few weeks are going to be hellish with everything backed up. We did end up agreeing on shipping with Greyhound/Acadian Lines but that doesn't help you since they don't go to the rock :(

I actually went across the boat in April to pick up a rescued pet rat, he was from St Johns. He made his way to his new home in Montreal :)

I hear ya on the tank issue though, I have 3 on the go right now... and 3 empty lol I got 'the look' when I told him I wanted a 20g.
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Like You
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Oh my, he AMAZING <3
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