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Old 06-27-2011, 11:26 PM   #1 
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A few questions :)

Can 4 male albino cories be put in my 10 gallon tank with my male betta? Or 4 female albino cories? I was just wondering...I really dont wan't them to multiply, or stress out my betta.

What do cories eat? And how often & how much? Same for mystery snails.

How often should a 10 gallon un-cycled tank have a water change? And say if I changed 25% of the water, which is 2.5 gallons, would I add back in 1 1/4 tsp of conditioner (1/2 tsp for every gal)?

How long should the light be left on in the tank?

How long should I wait to put my fish in after I fill the tank with water?

About how often do cartridges need to be changed in filters?

I've seen people with tanks with tubes through the middles and bubbles floating up through them. Are these types of filters?

Sorry if these are silly questions!! I just want to be 100% sure on everything to ensure my fishies live happily. :)
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It's fine. Luckily, I've dealt with 10g sets ups, so I can help you out. Yes, cories can be put in a 10 gallon with a male betta. But, you don't need 4. That's too many. You'll be fine with 2. Also, cories don't breed in aquarium sets up, so sexing them is useless. Typically, only mollies, platies, swordtails, and guppies will breed in an aquarium. You can do them with a male betta too, but I'd stay away from guppies. Too risky. I fed my cories brine shrimp sinking pellets daily. Snails eat algae wafers. Again, daily.

Don't put a betta in a 10g that's being cycled. Good fish for cycling are mollies and platies. They're hardy, and can make it through the nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia fluxes. It's best to run the 10g for a week before adding fish, if you can. When you add the fish, add a bacteria supplement. It'll just make the process easier. Do a light load of fish. Around 3, 4 at the most. Make sure you have all males or all females. You don't want to do the cories during cycling. It will most likely kill them since they are bottom feeders and bottom swimmers. No snails either.

A 1/4 partial change will be needed once a week. I only changed my filter cartridges once a month, but I have a super good filter and the tank was cycled. I'd suggest biweekly at the least while being cycled, but someone else probably has a better idea of exactly how often it needs to be changed. It's been a while since I cycled a tank. And yes, you'll add water conditions for the 25% of the water you changed. And, I believe, a cycling tank needs a water change once a week. Once it is cycled you can do monthly if the tank load is light. I would do biweekly if the tank had a head load, like a betta, 2 cories, 2-4 other fish, and snails. If it's just a betta and corries and a snail or two, monthly would probably be fine. But, it depends on your filter. Once you're done cycling, test your tank often, every few days, just to make sure you can gauge when your particular tank needs its water changes.

The bubbles don't filter the water. It's more decorative than anything. It oxygenates the water some, but other than that it's a pretty effect.

As far as the light goes, turn it on when you wake up, and off when you go to bed, unless you have unusual daytime hours like 9a - 2a. I left the light on my aquariums for about 10 hours a day.

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Old 06-28-2011, 12:22 AM   #3 
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Thanks so much! That really helps, alot! Although I meant in my post that i was not planning on cycling my tank (it confuses the daylights out of me, and I cannot really afford the test kits right now), and how many water changes I should do just to be on the safe side with an un-cycled tank. :)
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For cories, you CAN keep two and they'll be just fine but they are schooling fish and love to be in groups. Start with two as your tank cycles, then when it is stable, add another one and they will all be that much happier.

Yes, I know you said you weren't planning on cycling your tank but the truth is cycling is a natural process that will happen regardless of whether or not you do anything. When aquarists refer to "cycling" what they really mean is doing things that speed up the cycling process. For a tank with two cories and a betta, you should change 50% of the water at least once a week. Cories are very sensitive to water quality, though, so if you want them to survive, you may want to do an additional 25% change during the week as well. It might be best to start with just the betta and add the cories later when you can afford test kits.

Cories eat the sinking brine shrimp pellets as mentioned above but they are omnivores and need vegetable matter, too. Also feed an algae wafer a few times a week.
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Old 06-28-2011, 11:59 AM   #5 
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Oh, that makes a whole lot more sense. Thank you! I will be picking up my tank today, yay! :)
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