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King Betta questions

So from what I read about King betta genetics...
Kings are not giants they are just larger splendens?
The only Kings i have seen are HMPK's.
When breeding a king and any splenden, you get 50% kings and 50% regular. If somebody was to continuously breed a halfmoon female with a King hmpk would(after many generations of inbreeding and finding other female Halfmoons eventually elongate the tail of the king?(if all none kings were culled/sold)
So the pairs would be HMPK King * HM female. Then best tail king * hm female. And continuously get the best tail and a new female(preferably a single color to keep the colors nice).
Does any of that make sense?
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I'm not really sure about this, but I think Kings are giant geno's. ..... giant x giant doesn't produce 100% giants. Only a max of 30% become true giants, some suddenly stop growing (the geno's or the Kings) and most become regular.

So a King x regular will most probably produce regular - perhaps they may have thicker bodies than regular bettas, but their size should be regular. Theoretically F4 will be the same as F0 so if you keep inbreeding the largest offspring, you may end up with Kings.

Again theoretically, you can create true long fins from short fins crosses in 3 generations. This also applies to kings/giants - but I don't know how many generations it takes to produce long finned giants. You see giant's are very unstable - both in terms of genes (recessive) and health/immune system. It's said that once you outcross, it's difficult (not impossible) to regain the pure giant genes.

As a side note; you need to power grow them, which means not giving the fins a chance to fully develop. So even though you may end up with HM, yet their fins will be shorter than regular HM. (in 2 months they should be around 3 - 4cm and in 4 months they should be at least 5.5 cm (body only)- less than that, they will not grow big ..... this is a giant's growth - if I'm right that kings are giant geno's, then they should be slightly smaller).

I hope this gives you a general idea....
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