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Old 07-03-2011, 09:37 PM   #11 
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Fleetfish I really luv ur fishes' names. Very exotic and original!

Plus, I just love Doctor Who
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Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
My Venom was inquisitive, always studying his environment and his humans. The last few days, he's been at the tank everytime I walk into the room. Looking for attention, but he played hard to get. Before water changes yesterday, he actually hopped into my hand to have a rest and he rubbed against me while fishing out the snail. Very affectionate he was. :(

Carnage is a BIG scardy cat. He's three times the size of Bettas around here, but yet he hides from everything! He hides from us, from his shadow, from Venom, from the other fish. He seen the snail and hightailed it under a plant. He's just a big doof, and I love him to bits.
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I might as well share.

First is Fred - he is my baby boy, he loves to flare and when ever i take the top off his tank he comes for food.

Then there is Hercules - hes alil chill will occasionally flare and just swims, and gets so excited when i give him food.

The Girls
Luna is my sweety, there have been times where i just wash my hands and stick them in the tank to move stuff (always adding alil stress coat after just in case) and she will just sit by my hand watching, i have even touched her with my finger ^_^ she is so curious too.

Gloria is my feisty girl, she is always messing with Gail and Viola and got a hole in her tail from taking it too far. I love meal time because she will always carry a pellet around before eating it.

Heidi just loves to be by someone, she is always following Gloria or sleeping by Viola.

Viola is one of my grumpies always just chillin in a plant or attacking the thermometer. she will flare at the others but mainly keeps to herself

Gail she is the bully always chasing the others and flaring though she keeps to herself alot, she loves caves.
gail and viola are crown tails while the others are veil tales could type have alil to do with personality?

Last is Norbert my new baby, i havent had him for 12 hours yet but i can see that he is pretty chill wont flare unless there is a mirror. He does get all wiggly when im near, and he just seems so sweet, he is becoming my painting buddy
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