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Old 07-06-2011, 07:42 AM   #1 
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sweet, sad story

many of you on here know, how bad my luck's been lately. Chappy and Caroline got ill, then Cup. Chappy got better, Cup and Caroline didn't. then, a few days ago, Cup passed. well, Caroline's still hanging on. i've been treating her for parasites, with no improvement. she's still eating, and has been way active lately, but she's still clamped, still skinny.

well, today, i talked to her. i told her how sorry i was, how i should have caught onto things sooner, and let her know, that if she decides it's time to go, it's okay. i kept apologizing to her, and then, i broke down.

i told her how much i missed her being on my desk. how much i missed how active she was, how interactive she was. i missed my active desk buddy.

and, i swear to you, when i started talking to her, she turned and looked at me. when i said, if she's ready to go, i'm fine with it, she opened and closed her mouth, like she was telling me 'no'. and, after i said how much i missed how active she used to be, and such, she started gobbling up her pellets. like i moved her and she wanted to get better.

it's stupid, but it made me feel a little better, to see her watching me, then start eating her pellets. i mean, she eats, but it's like... just enough to survive. not like she used to, where she'd eat every pellet. but, after i talked to her, she ate them all. even the ones that fell.

i dunno. i wanted to share that little experience with you all. i'm a sap, crying about Caroline. and, maybe i think of them as being more human-like than they are, but it honestly seemed like she listened to me, and that my words moved her.
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Aw<3 I hope Caroline pulls through and gets better soon. I am sorry to hear about Cup.
I love talking to my fish. My friend thinks i'm nuts.haha
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Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: South Carolina
thanks. i talk to them all the time, but this is the first time i've felt like they listened to me. well, the second. first, was when i told Cup that it's okay if he goes. it just touches me, how she gobbled up all the pellets after i talked to her. like she understood how much i want her to get better.
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