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Old 07-07-2011, 12:06 PM   #11 
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Your bettas are beautiful.
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the CT doesn't look bloated to me. from my personal experience, CTs tend to be slimmer in body than the others. my orange CT, Zidane, always looks bloated, but it's just his belly, and his thin body. i also don't really see any ammonia burns on any of them.

i do agree, though, that the tanks are too small. if you don't mind them looking not pretty, Critter Keepers, or their off brands, are cheaper than regular tanks, and you can get a 2 gallon one for over half the price of a 2 gallon tank set. x:
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Thanks for the replies ALL information is just going to help me become a better keeper =)

I appreciate any input to keep my little guys happy & healthy :)
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I love them, especially the blue one!

A lot of the time fish aren't very healthy when you first buy them from the store. Yours actually looks pretty good to me. Are all of them new, or just the one?
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Location: victoria
All of them are new I bought my first one around 10 days ago :)

They all seem to be doing reasonably well no signs of fin clamp or fungal issues..

I know their tanks are on the small side but compared to where they came from it's a major improvement =P

My fave is the giant short fin boy although I can't seem to get a good picture of him :/
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Nice fish! As said, if at all possible, try and bump the tank size up. Not only really for space, but it truly makes your job much easier as far as water changes and stuff goes.

I dont recommend putting any sort of shrimp or snails into the tanks you currently have. In fact, dont add anything in unless its 5 gallons or larger, since ammonia cranks up super fast in something smaller with that many inhabitants.

Aim to get 2+ gallons of a tank. Many vases are this size, too, and at a good price. Look for ones without narrow necks. Bettas enjoy more horizontal space and surface area.

I know you said your temp ranges from an acceptable 24-28'C (75-82'F), but it is important that the fish's temp stays stable. Try and keep the temps as stable as possible within that range, and consider getting some of those cheap, suction cup tank thermometers to help!

I hope you try the live plants! Theyre fun and help keep your tank a bit healthier and many types can help keep ammonia down-- great for you because its means a bit (bit!) less work, and for the fish, it means a safer tank.

I have a thread about easy to care for plants, most will do very well in a smaller size tank.

Good luck, and welcome.
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