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Betta's Tankmates

Hi there, this is my first post on this website.

I am a total fish Beginner, we had some goldfish a few years ago but other than that i don't know much about fish. we had our male betta in a small tank but recently moved him into a 10G with some plants and a rock cave thingy

we wanted to add some tankmates to the tank but knew that betta's arent really compatible with anything so we searched on the forums..

apprently most people said Neon Tetras would be ok with Bettas but obviously its still a gamble.

So today, we added 5 neons with our betta and within 5 minits one of them was dead. Betta took a big chomp outa him..

we removed the betta from the tank and looked at more forums and saw that some people were saying that to add the betta after the neons would be better. one of the 4 remaining neons is pale in colour and appears to be seperated from the other 3 which are always with each other.

We also added our OTHER male Betta (who is much younger) after the neons had bin in for a while to see how he would react, but he still kinda puffed at them and lunged at the pale coloured neon. so we took him out!

Idealy we would like the Betta to live in the 10G tank with the neons but i don't know if thats possible.. but if we have to we can get another little tank for the betta and get new fish for the 10G with the neons.

My question(s):

- We only have 4 neons (maybe 3 before long) should we get a few more to put in the 10G tank?

- We really like the Albino Catfish, some people say two would be great with a few neons in a 10G, i wanna make sure that they would be 100% happy in there. is that a good mix?

- Is there any hope for matching Betta with other fish???

thank you!
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Here's a compatibility chart:
(start from the top and go down) Albino catfish should be fine, but you have to get a mini school of them, like 3 or 5. Make sure you add them one at a time to reduce the bioload.
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