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Old 07-19-2011, 03:54 PM   #101 
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All my animals are quarantined for at least a month. That female is perfectly healthy with the exception of a slightly curved spine.
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Originally Posted by Tikibirds View Post
The price of a $6 fish compared to other items like TV's and food..I dont see it making a dent in their profit margin.
It's not about hurting the profit Walmart makes, as you said they could care less about a $6 fish when they sell $1000 TV's. It's the fact that if they have 20 Bettas and none are bought, they won't get 20 more Bettas on the next shipment. If they see the fish are not selling, they won't order more. But if they take in 20 Bettas, treat them like crap so all the bleeding hearts run in and save them all, well that's 20 Bettas sold. Take in 20 more and do it all over again! Companies don't care about what's right, or what they have to do so sell their stuff, they just want it sold so they can make another order to their suppliers.

Honestly... there is a main grocery store here that has smaller no name stores in low income areas. Once the food is close to expire date, they ship the food off to the no name store at a discount price. Instead of throwing it out, they sell it to those who are less off than the majority. They don't care that the poor is eating questionable food, they just see it as making 42 on that $5 box of cereal instead of having to toss it out.
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Good to hear it 1fish2fish... I am paranoid about the disease I guess.

Generally I have purchased bettas because they looked healthy and beautiful, but I have purchased them in the past precisely because they didn't and I didn't want the poor creature to die. I do agree with pitluvs and others in that it's not about bringing down walmart (good luck) but in just being aware that by buying unhealthy bettas you are actually in some ways supporting them being kept that way.

In reading many of these posts on the site, it almost appears more than half of all people buy out of pity (maybe just those I came across). Which if that is the case, then it is actually more profitable for businesses to abuse bettas because it creates more impulse buying. (And sadly... it is also profitable to promote their continued abuse in unlivable conditions of "betta homes" that are inadequate because you replace them by buying another.) Perhaps if people only bought healthy bettas, there would be greater incentive for sellers to keep them healthy, because every abused animal would equal profit loss. Either way, walmart or walmart employees have no incentive to keep bettas in better conditions when the sick and dying are flying off the shelves.

I am not saying that people should not continue to purchase and help save dying pet store animals; I for one certainly admire the compassion and generosity that it takes to do so. And I recognize it would be far easier to take care of an already healthy fish. But I do believe in supporting those businesses that do treat their animals humanely, educates their clientele accurately, and sells no betta torture "homes".

That being said I am sure that most people don't have an LFS that even remotely fits that discription. I only know of 2 in my area and by area I mean an hour's distance away and I am near San Francisco a major city! So no judgement on my part on where you buy, a good LFS is hard to find.
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It's the fact that if they have 20 Bettas and none are bought, they won't get 20 more Bettas on the next shipment. If they see the fish are not selling, they won't order more.
Hmmm..possibly. However I think they would get another shipment in weather every one of them died in the store or not.

The didnt have any over the weekend and today they had about 20. They all looked so sad. Half of them were just lying on their sides.
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Originally Posted by Pitluvs View Post
But I need to ask a question that's been KILLING me since I joined.

Why do people say they are rescuing Bettas from pet stores?

I work in rescue for small animals, pet rats to be exact. Pet rats get just as little care as Bettas, and most times their fate is to be fed to another animal in a very scary and stressful situation. In the pet rat world, we boycott pet stores. We do not go in and buy every rat we see, to save them from being fed to animals or over being over bred or being shoved in a hamster cage for the rest of their lives. We do not buy our cages, food, bedding, toys, hammocks from pet stores. We set up rescues for people to adopt from, we take in rats that need homes from local sites like Craigslist (USA) or Kijiji (Canada). By buying them from the pet stores, we are telling the stores it's ok to stock them, because they will be bought. By emptying the selves of rats, we are giving them space to get more in to sell. Sure it's crappy for the rats left there, but it's slowing the process down. For every rat that is bought from a pet store, another replaces it.

It's the same with Bettas :( Even though they are horribly taken care of, in tiny cups of dirty water and barely holding onto life... by buying that Betta you are saving him/her... but you are also opening that spot for another Betta to be tortured. It's a cycle, supply and demand. The more we buy, the more they bring them in.

What I want to know is why do people call this a rescue? In the rescue world, we call this paying the stores for doing a horrible job. Nothing will ever change as long as they profit from their ill care of animals.

I dunno, just wanted to ask is all. I would much rather support non animal/fish stores, fish only stores or buy online. I buy the majority of my stuff online or from WalMart. Sure, I just bought Ben from my pet store but I didn't rescue him. I also bought everything he needed from WalMart so the pet store wouldn't proffit. They made $5 off me, not $100.

Please, don't shoot me!! But if we sit back and look at it, really we're just supporting this treatment right? Why not support a local breeder who works hard to take care of these babies? Why not buy everything at a store that doesn't sell fish in bad tanks/cups? Maybe they will get the point then?

Totally agree. I've been wondering the same thing. My kitties are all rescues as well as my dog.
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Old 07-27-2011, 06:50 PM   #106 
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All the fish I have bought over the years have been healthy. I only had one that died about 3 weeks after I bought it. He was probably sick when I bought him and I didn't know it.
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