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Join Date: Jul 2011 little guy is very sick...may be velvet..

My poor little guy is not well. Please help..

Let me give you a little history first. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that he was spitting out his food so I decided to give him some freeze dried worms. I didn't overfeed but just gave him a worm or two for two days. Then he began hanging out at either the top of the bowl floating or at the bottom of the bowl just kind of lethargic. I thought maybe he was having a swim bladder problem-which he had prior- so I stopped feeding him for 2 days and then gave him a small bit of pea 2 days in a row-which he ate. Then he began laying sort of lifeless at the bottom of the bowl and didn't really interact with me at all-not his norm. I waited a couple of days and he was still listless and I noticed he was breathing heavy. The whole time I had been partially changing out his water each day and adding more heated spring water. He continued to decline. I looked at him with a flash light 5 days ago and it looked like he had a goldish color around his gills and right below his gills as well as on his pelvic fins but nowhere else. I thought maybe he had velvet. He also has one white dot on his spine-but that has been there for some time.

I began treating him with 2-3 kernals of aquarium salt and Betta Revive daily during 1x per day 75% water changes-1 drop to 16 ounces heated spring water-actually I used a little less because I was worried about overdosing him. I am now on my fourth day of this treatment. I read somewhere the fish should be kept in the dark so I put him in a closet as of yesterday afternoon so that light doesn't enter the bowl. I'm not so sure this is good for him or not. Maybe someone can give me some feedback on this.

Right now my little guy is in a bowl-I know he should be in something larger and have been trying to get him into a tank I have set up for the past few months. I have been keeping him in a bowl with a low water level ever since his swim bladder and every time I tried to add more water to the bowl he seemed to get a little lethargic so I kept his bowl to about 6 inches of water. I figured moving him to the 5 gallon would be unwise since he has difficulty with deeper water. Needless to say here are the parameters according to the test strips..
Temperature- 79 degrees
Meds-Betta Revive for the past 4 days with a small amount of aquarium salt.
Water level-Right now his water level is very low-about 2 inches- so that he can get up to the top easy. He stopped hanging out on top of plants for some reason so I had to lower the water further for him.

*It should be noted that I added a few plants a couple weeks ago-which I now removed-that were Anubia but a different type of anubia than what I usually get. They had an additional name attached. I'm wondering if the plants could have affected him.

I shined a flashlight on him today and he has a red vertical stripe right behind his eyes and his gills look red also. His coloring is fading around his face also but this may due to age as he is around 3-4 years old. His pelvic fins have a bit of sparkly gold stuff on them as well. I can't see his chest because he is laying lifeless on the gravel so it's hard to tell if it's still gold in color. He is not breathing heavy anymore and darts across the bowl if I move it but I can get pretty close to him with a turkey baster and he barely moves -whereas before he would move rather quickly. He ate a flake of food yesterday and the day before but today he hasn't eaten anything. He just lays at the bottom of the bowl and is listless and weak.

Can anyone help me help my little guy?
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