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Old 07-11-2011, 10:04 PM   #1 
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I am incredibly frustrated - should have found this forum sooner

So, apparently, i was cruel. My husband (much to my dismay) decided to allow our children (ages 1-11) try to win a goldfish last October. I was so mad. I knew the fish would die. So as not to spend alot of money on a fish I felt would not survive, I purchased a 1 gallon tank and filter. The fish was listless before we put it in the tank, and died within 2 hours. As my children were upset, - sent him out for another fish, after purchasing water softeners. Etc. Her brought home Clyde, a betta fish.

Clyde thrived until 2 weeks ago, and he passed away. I purchased another betta, Apollo. Then my filter died. I was so fish-stupid, i don't even know the model. Apollo was already in the tank. I called the aquarium store (a mom and pop operation that has been in business since 1964). The filter was too stroing. - decided then, to purchase a 5 gallon kit from Wal-Mart, figuring that if the filter I had purchased decided to die, I had an extra.

Then I actually READ about betta fish. Too late? I hope not. I thiink my kids even think I'm crazy with the amount of time I spend entertained by this fish. So, we cycle the tank. Have the water tested. All is good. Temp sits at 76. Before I add Apollo, I also have in mind adding 1 or 2 other community fish who could coexist with a betta. But wait. What I read was I need a heater. 76-82 degrees. Yes, my temp is within that range NOW, but what if it gets colder?

Anyway, i now purchase. 30-watt Deep Blue submerisble heater. 12 hours in and my temp reads 88 degrees. Too hot. I'm now not even concerned about adding any other fish. I want Apollo to live in his new habitat. I thought I did everything right. The heater is supposed to keep a temp pf 78-80 degrees. Now, my husband thinks I am insane for caring about a $4 fish, and my kids are mad that the fish isn't in his new tank.

I like my fish. $4 or not, I did not do all of this for him to die due to lack of education. Please help. He's still in his 1 gallon, unfiltered tank and thriving. But I want desperately to move him successfully.

Do I need the heater (designed for 5-10 gallon tanks)? What is my next step?

Edited to add, please excuse my grammar etc - I am posting on a not-always-cooperative phonr.

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If it's not an adjustable heater, return it and get one. Those presets are sometimes wonky. There's nothing wrong with wanting to provide a safe, interesting environment for your little guy. There's a lot more to fish then people realize. Good luck with him.
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Old 07-11-2011, 10:29 PM   #3 
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I would return the heater and get one that is adjustable they are worth the expense and simpler to control. But if your heater is adjustable adding an ice pack in a zip-lock baggie is a good way to cool it off. And good for you wanting to keep your little man safe and healthy. He will be fine in the 1 gallon for as long as it takes to set up his new home but be sure your giving him at least 2 water changes a week.
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Old 07-11-2011, 10:30 PM   #4 
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A heater for a 5 gallon should be a nice adjustable 25W. I really enjoy the Hagen Elite series, they heat up the water well without going over the temperature you set the knob to. I recommend it as your go-to heater :) I have two of the 50W's myself!

Also, to keep your betta fish happy, you have to do 25-50% water changes each week. Many bettas die from poor water quality caused by lack of water changes :/

After a couple months of your tank running nicely at a good temp with the filter going, your tank should have cycled, and it will be safe to add tankmates in the form of shrimp or snails. To add actual fish you need a 10g. Your betta will be perfectly happy in his 5g :) Good luck! When you get your new heater if yours isnt adjustable, and your tank is set up with your betta, be sure to take pics! We love pictures around here!

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Old 07-11-2011, 10:56 PM   #5 
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So, um...basically what they said ^.^
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They got you covered... I just wanted to welcome you to the forums.
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Old 07-12-2011, 02:28 PM   #7 
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Trust me after you see apollo in the 5 gallon with a heater and everything you will be surprised when i changed my fred from a 1 gal no heater to filter to a 5 gal filter with heater and everything after i found this forum its like a different fish. :D they arent just stupid $4 fish, they have personalities and quirks :) likes and dislikes! Post some pics of him in the new tank when you can we would love to see him enjoying his new home ^.^
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