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Originally Posted by elijahfeathers View Post
Well, the water for both was pretty dirty. very blue in the case of the petsmart HM, and very... swampy fish smelling in the case of the VT. It looked like someone fed him flakes and left the rest to rot for a while (but not too long, he's still quite active). Either that, or like most 'mart fish, he's just made of particularly tough stuff. (Seriously. Walmart fish seem to be pretty hard to kill compared to fancy tail types I get. I guess it's cause they're probably bred and raised in harsher conditions.)
lol seriously, those walmart fishies are troopers! i think i may have more pity for them, since they arent even sold at a petstore, where they could potentially get better care. lol.
but cute mustard gas! and your VT looks amazing.. im sure they will color up even more for you tho! happens all the time.. :D
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It's alright. My sister and I just went from 12 bettas to 16 in the last day. 5 males and 11 girls, but at least the girls are in sororities, the males are harder to accommodate. And, we haven't told our mom or dad yet. They didn't even know about the halfmoon with a tumor that my sister bought about a week ago. And they didn't know, but soon found out, about the sickly new crowntail I bought a few days ago.

To be fair, we are trying to set up a new home for my sister's first male, since our uncle wants a fish, but our grandma keeps flip-flopping on the answer. We're being very strict with housing for him though since he's a huge veiltail and we don't approve of the betta tanks sold at Walmart or Petsmart. Minimum we are allowing is 2.5 gallons and my grandma's iffy on that.
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lol seriously though.

Gah today it gonna be fun. I've got some... diatom? I think-- anyway, it's built up in two of my tanks some. Gotta pull everything I can out and get that scrubbed, gotta rub the live plants off, rub it off the wall, suck as much out as I can without disturbing the filters. Gonna be fun. 8| *arms self with tank-cleaning toothbrush*


Oh man. The meijer has big cups-- and they were selling betta tanks that were SMALLER THAN THE CUPS. WHAT.
Also this lady was buying goldfish. She asked the woman there what fish would live in a bowl. She showed her little comet goldfish and bettas-- and then some of those fancy bigger black ones with the bulgy eyes-- but said those would be 'pushing it' without a 2.5 >> I'd only been looking at my boy at that point-- but then I picked him up and walked away.

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that VT's coloring is awesome, love him!
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Me too. lol I almost wish I hadn't picked up the HM. I feel uncomfortably stocked atm-- but then who knew I'd run into such a pretty VT?

I've got everyone arranged now-- since it turned out that Good Sir's got something ELSE wrong with him, I've pulled out my two spare tanks. Moved my female to the 2.5 gallon kritter keeper, moved Zariel into the main tank, moved the VT into the 2.5 petco desktop aquarium. (What can I say? He's so pretty and super responsive to me. C8). The HM is in a 1 gallon tank with a light-- I'll be doing 50% water changes every day.
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