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Old 07-17-2011, 02:09 PM   #1 
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Betta Accessory Questions.

I'm looking at products online before I got to the store and purchase..

As far as tanks go, I'm only looking at a 1 gal for the moment. :( I don't have oodles of money to spend on Bettas ATM (Selling horses, buying goats, dogs, working to feed all my big animals, showing all of them, etc - costs a lot!!), but I will upgrade.

Here's a heater I'm liking:

Think it will work?

I'm also guessing gravel would be loads better than sand. Basic colored gravel will work, yes?

Food: - Color enhancer. - Daily feed. - Food/ care kit?

What about all that?
And: - 'Betta fix'

For tanks I'm guessing:

I'll get fake plants and a little cave for him to hide around/in.
Did I miss anything?
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Old 07-17-2011, 02:28 PM   #2 
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Preset heaters= temp fluctuations. No way around that.

The dif in price between 1 and 2 gallons is never that much, but the amount of water changes you have to do is. Think daily with 1 gallon, but two you could go every other day. And you sound busy.

Colored gravel tends to suck. The paint comes off after a while, with frequent water changes this will only happen faster. But to each their own.

Those foods are all kind of meh. Will you fish survive on them? Sure. Just like some people survive on McDonalds. Spectrum food, live foods, frozen foods, are better. Prime is a better water conditioner than the food/care kit you posted.

Betta fix might actually cause respiratory problems in bettas. Not worth the money when there are much better/easier options such as aquarium salt.

The tank is okay if you are really set on that size, but there are some nicer 2 gallons that are only about $10 more.

Welcome to the forum! I am sure someone else will come along and suggest other things as well. :)
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Old 07-17-2011, 02:55 PM   #3 
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Location: Virginia.
I am busy. :[ I have a full time job, school, and looking at another part time! Along with my 4 horses, 6 goats, 14 turkeys, 24 hens, 6 roosters, dogs, cats, ect. AND getting into Doberman breeding! What a life! I think Bettas are majestic - I'd love to have a Crowntail male. (:

Anyways, could you post links of what you think is best? I need to get a price idea.
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Old 07-17-2011, 03:13 PM   #4 
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That heater isn't the best...It doesn't have a shut off if it gets too in a smaller tank it could over-heat the betta...

It would be less maintenance if you get a larger tank...1 gallon will need a water change every other day or so to maintain good water quality...

I would get something atleast 2-3 gallons..

a 3 gallon critter keeper is pretty cheap (they're about 12 dollars) and this sort of heater:
I have my one betta in a 3 gallon critter keeper and he loves it! You can also fit a small tetra whisper filter in the critter keeper..I don't have a filter in mine at the moment though.

In a 2.5-3 gallon tank unfiltered I would do 1 50% water change and then a 100% once a week.

filtered 2.5-3 gallon I would do 2 50% water changes weekly.
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Old 07-17-2011, 04:10 PM   #5 
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I have that 1g as mu hospital tank, someone gave it to me with my 10g. It's a weird tank lol I would go with the 3g Kritter Keeper for sure! The heater shown to you is great, we use the Tetra Submersible 2-15g Heater from WalMart for $11.

Also, if you can't get Prime, Stress Coat Water Conditioner is about $7 a bottle (4oz) and about $20 for a 16oz bottle (like getting 2 bottles for free!). That's what we buy. A small bottle will last you forever lol

I say go bigger now, spend the extra if you need too because down the road you're going to want to upgrade your tank anyways LOL I thought the 1g was fine, better than the 0.5g the store told me to use. I have a 3g now LOL
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hey manda. it all comes down to what YOU can afford. not whats being told to get, (NO OFFENCE ANYONE, but she IS saying shes not got a lot of money and i almost fainted when i saw that animal list) an addictive hobby i went from one to 18 in like three months.

MY SUGGESTION. if you got say a 5 gal you could divided down the road in half and then have two ^.^
but if you cant afford that id scrimp as much as you could to get atleast 2 gal, if your house is heated or one room can stay heated warm enough to keep the tank warm then u wouldnt need the heater.
you dont need to buy 10 different types of food RIGHT AWAY. my bettas lived only on betta bite pellets for like 2 months, but now they get varied diet pellets, flake, frozen brine shripm, frozen blood worms and daphina (frozen and dried)
my fish dont have ornaments my males are in divided custom built tank and a 6 bay and ones in qt, ornaments are not suitable for those tanks but im getting plants to replace the dead moss ive reently removed.

but my lady tanks ALL plants lol and drift wood

plus my bf DISPISES ornaments fake stuff etc
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Lismore, NSW
PS: amanda joined this site on my recommendation when she saw my boys and girls. ^.^ i converted someone FINALLY!
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You did convert!! I love love love it here.
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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

The 1gal filtered tank will work fine for one adult Betta-water changes of twice weekly 50%...1-50% water only and 1-50% to include substrate cleaning by vacuum or stir and dip method should maintain water quality provided that you don't overfeed and remove uneaten food within a reasonable time......
It looks like those tanks have UGF (underground filter) and it is important to keep the plates clean by weekly vacuum for them to work properly or just remove and don't use at all...this will only change one of the needed water changes for a 1gal unfiltered tank to 1-50% and 1-100% weekly to maintain water quality....sometimes not always the filter or water movement can be the cause of fin damage especially with the long heavy fin males.....

Provide a good quality varied diet fed in small frequent meals are best...

The best medication IMO/E is fresh like temp dechlorinated water from water changes.

Substrate-generally aquarium gravel is all pretty safe...get what you like...half the fun is decorating the tank.....dark gravel can help make the color of the Betta pop....make sure the other items added to the tank are smooth since rough edges can snag delicate fins and damage them....if you get fake plants...look at silk not plastic.....

Depending on your location-you may or may not need a heater-but its a good idea to have one on hand if needed....your goal is to maintain a somewhat stable temp in the 76-80F range....You will need a thermometer to monitor the tank water temp and to monitor the water temp for water changes since its important to try and keep water temp between new and old water within a couple of degrees so not to cause temp shock issues.....and Always us a good dechlorinater with any water added to the tank-dose for the full volume of the tank even with partial water changes as a general rule....Prime by Seachem is a good choice-but any dechlorinator that covers both chlorine and chloramine will work.....

Look forward to seeing pic and hearing more about your new Betta....
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