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Unhappy Was it my fault?

I am trying to breed for the 1st time. Its been a long time dream and I have done a lot of studying. I thought I had everything right-10g tank,80 degree temp, plants for hiding(fake though), half a cup floating, conditioned pair, introduced them right, fry foods ready-
But obviously I did something wrong.. my female was showing all the signs of being ready and she and the male were doing the wiggle dance 24 hours after being introduced but he had not yet built a nest. I read that sometimes they could be ready but not make a nest until spawning so I went by my gut and released her with him. he kept leading her under the cup but when she would be there and be limp he would swim away. I also read that sometimes it takes 1st timers a while so I watched them all day and it went the same. The next day the male started acting really weird. He went from being a big show off to not even moving. So I was worried and took him out and he died
I am completely heart broken and worried that I did something to kill my poor fish :(
He wasn't torn up or anything when I took him out and I have never heard of anything like this before. Has this happened before? And then my female seemed very depressed(clamped fins,sulking) and she has never done that before so I introduced her to my back up male. Was that o.k for me to do?
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Sorry about your loss.

If your female is affected in anyway, I wouldn't use the same water. Just to be safe and to rule out water condition (not prams, but bacteria/virus or other possibilities). Call everything off for now and recondition your pair until the female is back to normal. Clean everything before setting them up again.
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It sounds like you did the steps correctly if they were properly conditioned and reacting to each other, I wonder, what was she in while inside the spawning tank during the introduction before you released her? If it was a cup maybe something was wrong with the water, and since she was in the cup and not getting the bad water she was unaffected, while the male slowly got sick from the water, so he died first and she was next but you saved her in time. If it wasnt a cup then im not sure at all, but thats really sad to hear, im sorry for your loss :( If i were you id probably rest her up for a few days and keep a close eye on her, let her relax, make sure whatever happened to him isnt going to happen to her if its contagious. Was the tank newly set up? Sometimes new tanks go through new tank syndrome and kill a fish. Whatever happened, im sorry but i hope you get the answers your looking for and dont give up :)
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I'm so sorry you lost your male.
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