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hmm.. as far as i know.. my walmart donst sell fish.
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Let's just say that there's a reason I've signed every available petition to close Walmart's fish section... Chances are, the ones at your Walmart either just arrived or got their monthly cleaning recently... I was just at my local Walmart and found 8 bettas, 3 dead, 5 almost dead.

What confuses me is that their fish display set up comes with two water valves. One pours out clean, dechlorinated warm water for the tropical fish and the other has cool dechlorinated water for the goldfish and bettas. If it is THAT EASY to get water for water changes then why in the world don't they clean the water more often?? I would kill for that kind of set up x/

My Walmart was even so kind as to provide me with an essay supporting the keeping of bettas in small containers. When I say small, I mean that Walmart claims that it is beneficial to keep them in as little as 3-4 ounces (fwi that's not even .03 gallons)... Oh, and not only can you keep them in .03 gallons, but you only need to do a partial water change once per week! lol kill me now. I'll post the "betta care sheet" later :/
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Originally Posted by Pataflafla View Post
All the bettas at my Walmart are in horrible condition. I have two from there now. My first has fully recovered in a stunning corwntail and I hope the second one will too. He's got holes in his fins from bad water quality as well as gill burns and general unhealthiness from bad care. He's been on the shelf for a couple of weeks now, but was the last one at the time. My Walmart is notorious for having dead and rotting fish sitting on the shelves and for lack of care for all of their fish. Tank conditions for any given fish are as low as can be.
Same. Exactly the same; my walmart has extremely horrid conditions, they hardly (if ever) feed the fish, whether it's the bettas or the other types of fish they have. When I go over there, I always see dead fish in their tanks, and then some dead bettas on the shelf.
Our walmart I've only seen have the veiltail bettas, the dead marble girl I saw was a veil, as is my little Spazzy now. :P I'm lucky I got Spazz, probably a day (if that) of him being there, cause he woulda probably been dead within a week or less with their err.. "care".
He's happy as a fishy clam now though, quite currently he's building a cute little bubblenest haha. :3

Anyway, chances are it was a fresh stock of new betta's, but you never know.. :) maybe yours is better with the care of theirs. ^^
Some walmarts are different. But most of the time they're kind of the same. I personally wish ours would stop carrying fish. :(

Andd.. harry potter is awesome. ;) 'Nuff said.
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This guy has been the worst condition one I have seen at walmart. Within 48 hours of putting him in the .33 gallon keeper, he started regaining his color. HE even has a music vid on

he now looks like this and thinks he is all that and a bag of fish flakes.

The other 3 I got from them all had issues with fin rot and just flat out missing their fins

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