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Originally Posted by indjo View Post
In general, I would normally agree with Pitgurl. But in this case I would go with the platinums (possibly red dragons).
The male has great fins - almost perfect - thus would be a shame not to get fry from him. The female has a great dorsal but lacks in anal (big and long) and caudal (rather round and delta).

IMO through selective breeding, you would produce great offspring. Perhaps not in F1 but definitely in F3.

@CA and PG; normally HM's have even lengths anal (front and back). But the plat female has shorter front anal compared to the back. This should compliment the shape needed by asymmetrical PK's. Yes the anal may be bigger than it should be but not in the form as posted by PG. So IMO, through selective breeding you will eventually get great anal fins............ unless of course if CA can get a great PK female.

I am more concerned about her caudal .....

As for the HM male.... he looks kind of skinny, specially in his last picture. He has a big dorsal, but not quite perfect. His anal is big and long, thus would best go with the copper female. .... can't comment on the caudal, nor can I comment on the copper female.
I keep going back and forth depending on what people say lol but I know people talk highly of your knowledge in genetics so I'll go with the platinum pair. Hopefully Glorfindel will be nicer this time, in my first attempt my platinum female Seras would swim up to him and bow(He even led her to the nest) and he would swim all around her then finally get frustrated and chase her away into the plants. After 3 days I had to take her out because he was going to kill her.

Thanks indjo!
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I'm still trying to learn this gentics thing myself . Good luck with the spawn I hope everything goes well!
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