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Pellets vs flake food

When I first got Chandler, I had him on pellet food - it was some that I had left over from a previous fish. I also had a packet of flake food that came with a kit so I gave him some and he loved it! So I've had him on the flake food ever since. But now I read that pellets are the best way to feed bettas so I tried to give him a few the other night. He looked at them and promptly turned his back to me and pouted! (See picture below). I gave a few to my newer betta, Ross and he ate 1 or 2 but wasn't too excited. So yesterday I knew to just give Chandler flakes and thought I'd see if ross would go for the pellets again - no such luck. He stared at them and swam away. So I gave him some flakes too and he ate them right up!
Is there a certain brand of pellets that bettas like? I think mine are topfin. Just curious what yall thought.
I also just got some freezedried bloodworms, on advice from this site (but now I read elsewhere that live is preferred! lol) that I have given as a treat a couple of times. They seem to like those too.
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I feel your pain. I *cannot* get my betta to eat anything but bloodworms. Snob.

The first week I had him I was concerned, because I never saw him eat the pellets I bought for him. But at that time I didn't have anything else. So I'd drop in one or two, and he'd turn up his nose and let them sink, which took awhile... but they'd disappear later. I only caught him doing it once, but when he got hungry enough, he'd eat them off of the bottom. It's a little like making a little kid eat their vegetables: they don't get dessert until they eat their healthy food.

Unfortunately, I'm a bad parent and I worry that he isn't fed well enough I use that tactic X_X
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Location: Florida
A variety is best for bettas and people alike.
I feed my guys frozen brine shrimp,frozen bloodworms and new life spectrum betta pellets..Not all at the same time though..I switch it around a bit...I also have bettamin flakes..but my guys don't care much for those anymore...
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ive fed mine all 4, flakes pellets forzen shrimp and blood worms. laterly ive stuck with flakes and frozen food. had some good pellets 200 or so but was careless and let the bag with them fall to the floor losing %90 of them. they did get soft fast in water unlike wardleys. im saving those soft ones for my next fish and lately havent had the patience to wait 5 minutes for the wardley pellets. i dont think i'll get any more food for the fish in a few years, got plenty as it is. shame i didnt find out what brand the soft pellets were, got them in a small ziploc.
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Gah I have the same problem with one of my fish. He won't touch pellets, and I HATE the flakes. It's so hard to feed an accurate amount of them, and they make him bloated, and they cloud the water terribly. It's impossible to scoop them out of the tank if they fall to the bottom. >=(. But the flakes have more protein in them than the pellets so i guess that's a plus haha (I use Omega One betta buffet flakes)
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Location: Montreal
my betta eats any food that gets in the tank rather that being picky, he's a glutton. though he doesnt fancy freeze dried BW that came in the flake food. it could be that i give him frozen ones. i use the nutrafin max flakes, got a 15g container + a 3g bag of it. would put it in the container but its pretty full. my friend's betta was a pellet fish and hated flakes.

i find flakes relatively easy to feed, i take 3 large flakes or a combo of smaller ones. though thinking how they'll gather in its stomach is hard to measure. i do have a nagging feeling the pellets i like are probably less nutritutional than wardleys.

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ive learned that all my bettas love pellets but they dont really like flake ad i think pellets have all the nutritional value they need too
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