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Question need help !! yike!

Hey peoples,
I have one betta in a new 16gal tank with heater, filter, light etc and he is in heaven......or at least appears to be....ran the tank for 10 days without him....then put him in....3wks later hole in dorsal fin that led to a split fin by afternoon....put some tetracyline in the water as did I kill ALL the bacteria with the meds and now that I've stopped them will he have some sort of enviromental shock??? I've asked at pet stores and they have no clue or they listen and repeat what I say and don't know frustrating.....if anyone can tell me if his water will be ok for him I would appreciate it....I've tested it and it reads fine all the store said to put stability liquid in to help growth of good bacteria but another store told me that the stuff kills off good bacteria so it's leveled out with the bad....good grief...ok I'll stop typing now
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Antibiotic can kill both the good and bad bacteria in the tank......since they can't tell the difference...

Did you remove the carbon (if used) with the antibiotic

In the 16gal filtered the Betta the only fish and do you have any live plants....what are your water pram numbers for: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and what type of testing products are you using....

It is best that you QT the fish in a small container when you need to treat unless all the fish in the tank need to be is also not recommended to use antibiotics "just because" in a fin is not an infection and often clean water is all that is needed to prevent the secondary infection...less is best in most cases, otherwise you can end up causing more harm than good by creating resistant pathogens-among other things......

It is also important to find out the root cause of the injury......and as odd as this sounds.....sometimes the space alone can be a cause of fin damage in the long fin Bettas.......these long delicate heavy fins can stress when they are used too much for swimming and/or fight water current/filter flow....this is a man made fish and some of them just can't handle using the fins to swim around in large spaces...kinda like the flag in the wind effect........this is why a lot of Bettas are kept in small spaces with limited water movement by breeders-especially for grow-out...its for the fins....its a trade off of sorts.....and its not a problem for all Bettas either.....genetic, nutrition, water quality...etc....can have a role in the game as well...

How is he doing now....can you post a pic

Right now-I would make your regular 50% weekly water change with vacuum and make 50% water only changes based on water prams of ammonia, nitrite 0.25ppm or greater until you have nitrate 5-10ppm without any ammonia, nitrite spikes.....

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Hi Oldfishlady, thanks for your reply :) He is the only fish in the tank and just silk plants and nothing sharp. I will try to attach a pic for you as I took one of the damage. Yes, killing all bacteria was my main concern, readings are good for ph 6.5 and 0 nitrites and very low reading for nitrates, didn't have an amonia kit but got one today which read very low somewhere between 0-0.1 so the kit says to add stabilizer to speed up bacteria for I think that's what I should do?? Yes, did take the carbon out for the meds...have been doing 25% changes every second day with the meds...water has film on the top and sort of foamy...hmmm...from the antibiotics I'm presuming? Have put a new carbon filter in today. I know the enviroment can damage their fins but the hole progressed downward to a split...ok...could still be stress...but the edges were fraying and a small piece came went with fin rot....I think he's doing fine....fin looks the same but no worse...I'm home these days so we stare at each other a lot.. He's a entertaining boy...he likes to play peek a boo...and very interactive...I think he's very happy to have the space and the warmth...thanks for you help and if you have any more comments please send. Thanks a bunch!

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