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Fabio is Hurt

So we were taking Fabio out of his tank to feed his tank mates, our two new ADF's that we have living in there with him (They get along perfectly.). If we keep Fabio in there, he rapidly eats all their food and gets bloated.

Lets cut to the chase- When adding Fabio back into the tank, we submerged the cup and flipped in over, i guess this created a pressure vacuum because when air rushed into the cup, Fabio was jettisoned out and into the side of the tank. It was a few minutes later we noticed he had lost a few head scales and a long section of scales on one side of his face. (Its soo sad, he has a big raw gash on one side of his face.) We feel soo guilty.....

What should we do? Should we quarantine him so he doesn't get an infection? Will his scale grow back??

On another note, ever since we added the frogs, the tank's water has had a odd sheen-like film atop it, and has been noticeably slimy. We've done a 100% water change, and then a 60% the other day, but its still slimy... what gives?
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Well, I can't speak for the weird sheen since I don't have frogs (sounds gross though). But for Fabio, you have two options. You can keep him in the tank with a watchful eye and do water changes every day to make sure the water is super clean, or you can stick him in QT and aquarium salt for a few days. If you leave him in the tank, I would recommend using API Stress Coat since it will help heal him faster. Poor guy, what a freak accident. If Fabio tends to get stressed in small containers, I would go with leaving him in the tank. Maybe, if you have space, remove the frogs for a few days just to be on the safe side?

Bettas are such gluts, I had to remove my panda cories from my sorority because the girls ate all the food and got huge.

Hope Fabio feels better soon, he probably has a bit of a headache. Fortunately, I don't think fish get concussions or anything.
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