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It's a reflex caused by synchronized contractions of the tail area (the meaty part that you eat) so shrimp can do it anywhere, but the resultant motion depends on the sweeping motion of their tail and swimmerets and only propels them backward. So in a net or out of water, they'll probably just flop around like fish, but once they wise up they can still walk around normally like an aquatic cockroach looking for a way to disappear forever.

They don't use it to escape from aquariums though, my shrimp spend most of their time swimming upside down at the surface and I've kept them in an uncovered aquarium for weeks without any problems... The times they do get out is when they accidentally shoot themselves out of the water when trying to escape my net or a hungry betta.

As for stopping them from escaping from nets, you can try catching them from behind :) they're relatively slow (betta-speed) swimmers in the forward direction. Also my betta poops in big spherical blobs and one of my amanos is clutching onto it like a pastry bun close to his mouth, slowly filtering tiny pieces inside... yum!
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I've got to ask, are/were you a science major? You're as educational and twice as interesting as a Nova program on public tv. I'm learning a lot about shrimp from you. Still think they're too bug-like but I'm learning how interesting their behavior is.

And uhm, about the amano and the poo . . . what a lovely mental image I have now, hahah.
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Originally Posted by thePWNISHER View Post
Cherry shrimp are actually almost always stocked at my petsmart and they are only $1 on weekends and they are always sold out whenever I'm in checking on latest shipment. Amano's I dont see anywhere I will have to mail order one if I get to that point.
Your Petsmart sells cherry shrimp o___o;;?! That aint right. Do you think if I bug my Petsmart they will carry them too? The only store that carries cherry shrimp here costs $5 each! And thats on sale...Amanos are only 3 bucks though =3=. If you have any fish stores near you, you could always ask for them to order amano shrimp for you. Save on shipping that way haha.
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Hmm, I was thinking about tracking down some Cherry Shrimp near me (love the red) but now you have me thinking about Amanos.

I have a rather lazy Oto in my 5.5 gal...would that cause problems with any of the shrimp?
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