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Has Anybody Tried This Method of Breeding?

Leave the Father With Fry Method:
It sounds like it'd be a little bit easier, since he eats the fry that are weak or malformed. Apparently, you must have a ten gallon filled up so it lessens the chance of the male culling any good fry. It also said in the article the breeder caught the male feeding BBS to the fry.
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Super Fish
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It is something I am considering with my (hopefully) upcoming spawn. I'm going to see how large the spawn is - if it's in the 300 range then I will be leaving the father with the fry in order to cull the weak.
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This is the method I use 98% of the time...I not only leave the male but I also leave the female and remove the fry as they grow/develop into grow out containers....

With some-I leave both the male and female to get 3-4 spawns going and then remove the female but leave the male......

With some of my setup I also use trios...1-male and 2-females...I have not had any problems with either males or females eating fry-but do have a problem with larger/older fry eating smaller/younger fry......

Leaving the male with his fry has some benefits IME-the male imprints to a degree making the offspring better father, teaches offspring to eat non-live food earlier-I have seen my male spit food in the fry direction...... and in my case due to more natural setups I from predators...namely dragonfly nymphs......and his removal of bad, sick, deformed etc.....fry......he only wants the strongest, healthy fry to carry his genes for the next generation.....


I also spawn using a more natural method and setups and this makes a big difference IMO/E......... I don't recommend using this method (leaving both male and female in the tank long term) for first time breeders using standard bare bottom, low water volume usually will not end well....and depending on how important the spawn-sometimes its best to remove the male within the first week unless he is eating healthy fry....
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