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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
extreme sulking after making a bubble nest?

my fish had some fin rot that was being a pain so I added him into a QT tank. after maybe a week, ( the fin rot isn't gone, but has stopped growing further ) we noticed him making a bubble nest. the first day he was super proud of it, he kept making it bigger and bigger and parading all over the place. but a day or two later and he's totally stopped. the nest is dying away and he doesn't care, and he's just kinda sulking. if I come over he brightens up a little, but mostly he just sulks. is this because he didn't get a mate? is it normal? can I do anything to get the silly guy to cheer up again? or should I be worried? :/ he seems super glum, it's sortof worrying me and bumming me out a little, he looks so rejected and sad <T^T>;; do your males typically do this after making bubble nests?
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I had this issue with my boyfriends betta. Turned out he was stressed, I'm not sure why. {No conditions changed} Not sure if it's a similar situation or not, but he had half a tank of bubblenest, next day, glum. Day after, wouldn't eat. Fine now, though no bubblenest.
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How often do you do water changes? This sounds like it could be a water quality issue. Bettas do not need to mate. Changing around his environment (moving to QT tank) a bit might have cheered him up, but then he got bored again. But honestly, if he still has fin rot maybe more water changes are in store?
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
@yeah, I'm wondering if he got stressed because he thought another male was around or something.

no, I do a 50-70 every day or every other and am very careful when adding water back in so he can adjust. the fin rot seems gone, but his fins grew back funny... I'm not sure if they need to grow more or if that's just them now... I know sometimes they can heal back deformed... I tried a little salt but it didn't really help... maybe I should try a very low dose of something that promotes fin regrowth? :/ I was hoping they'd fix up on their own though, I really don't wanna use medicine... I've heard sometimes they can take months? gah. .^.
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