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new member to the forum with a new tank (:

Hey there, I'm Maggie and I'm new! I was just googling betta care stuff and found this site, so decided to join. (: So, here's a bit of backstory and some info on my current tank status.

I'm now on my second betta. My first was named Arlen, and he was the spunkiest little fish. Buuutt my cat knocked his tank over and he didn't make it. Now I'm onto Kovu. He's a solid red delta tail mail, and I've had him for... maybe a month. Until today he was kept in a half gallon tank (which I now know is bad, but it was just a betta kit tank and I was a first timer so figured if it was in a betta kit, it must be good >.>). Because of the smallness of the tank, there weren't any proper heaters. I found one for 1-3 gallons, and I had to monitor it constantly, but obviously I couldn't always keep up with it. So the temperature was always fluctuating and I'm sure this was bad.

I think Kovu might have a little bit of fin rot. At first I wasn't sure, since his fins were jagged when I got him (not in an unhealthy way, just sort of... crowntailish). But today I noticed for sure that his tail had gotten shorter. I'm not sure if it was because of the fluctuating temperature, or if I wasn't changing the water in his small tank enough... or some combo or other thing.

Anyways, today I got myself a ten gallon tank and I'm super excited! It's got gravel, a filter, a light, two small plants that had been in the half gallon tank, and this other decoration that's made to look like a Roman ruin. I plan to add more decorations, but my budget only allowed for the things I have currently. Still, Kovu seems to be pretty happy with what he's got. He likes swimming around the ruin thing. Actually, he seems to be ecstatic in general. He's been zooming around the tank like nobody's business. So I definitely think I got the space situation all fixed up.

For his fin rot... should I just see if lots of clean water should do the trick? Or should I still invest in some medication?

Is there anything else I should know? I know the basics of betta care, like not to put bettas together, not to overcrowd the tank, etc. I've been reading a lot of the threads on here so have also learned some new stuff. I'm planning to eventually get some other fish to go in the tank (from what I understand, a small school of 4 fish that are non-flashy, non-nippers, etc. would be good, but feel free to give me advice on that too!) but not for awhile. For the next couple days, I'm just going to let Kovu get situated and adjusted to his new home.

But anyways, I'd basically just love to hear any and all advice you might have for me! (:
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I think it would be best to cycle a 10 gallon tank, otherwise it will be a pain to change 10 gallons of water 100%. As for the finrot, clean water should help.
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