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oo i forgot to mention about gravel .. personally and from my experience i don't like using the regular tiny pebble gravel for goldfish .. in my tank i use a mix of glass marbles and those glass pebbles some glass shells and glass stars

goldfish poppie a lot .. and it all ends up in the gravel sometimes you cant see most of it cus it settles there and basically makes a layer .. and to make things more frustrating your goldfish will shift the gravel .. mostly looking for food that fallen and wasn't immediately eaten .. thus they eat their own poopies and when they spit the gravel out basically buries their poopie and leftover food so it's all mixed up in there .. it's really gross to clean .. and what ends up happening is most of the poppie doesn't get siphoned out .. even if you stir it up and try to get it .. it's just very ineffective .. and the poopie really gets in there .. you'll have to take the gravel out and give it a good rinse at least once a month .. which is why i like using the glass .. since you can see where the poopie is it's easier to siphon out .. and it doesn't really get ground in like it does in pebbles/gravel

you could invest in the ammonia soaking gravel .. but even that needs to be changed out every so often .. and i know those glass marbles/stones are an expensive investment over gravel .. but it'll save u the headaches in the long run .. especially since goldfish are at least a 10 year commitment

oh side note .. i also don't double layer the glass marbles/stones .. they are just spread out lightly and loosely at the bottom of the tank .. goldfish like to push things around so it gives them some space to do that ^_^ (mine like to push the in tank filter as well so it's crooked every morning and i've caught them doing it too @_@ .. i have to straighten it out every day hehe but it's all in good fun)

good luck !! =)
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Eww, goldfish are icky little beasts ;) Hehe.
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