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Ghost Shrimp Questions

Im currently planning out a divided ten gallon. I was wondering, could I put some ghost shrimp in. I have a few questions I need awnsered before I consider it.

Would they be okay in half of a ten gallon, so five gallons?
Im putting in a moss ball, would they need more plants then that?
Do they need a heater?
Do they reproduce easily on their own? I don't want lots of little shrimp running around.
Can they live by themselves or do they need some other shrimp with them?

Edit: Shoot, I accidently put this in the wrong spot. :( Could someone move this for me?

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They'll do fine in 5 gallons. They love to climb around, so more plants the better, within reason of course, lol. But it's not super necessary. Yeah, they need a heater. Whatever temp the tank is for your fish is good for the shrimp. I have never had baby shrimp, so I'd say they don't reproduce easily. And they can do fine on their own. They're pretty easy to keep. Just keep in mind if you plan on having a betta in with them. He may decide they look like a tasty snack. lol. Not all are like that, just be warned. But ghost shrimp are only like 30 cents. (assuming you're getting ghost shrimp)
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They dont reproduce easily, but they are very sensitive to sudden temperature change (I just found that out today when I drove and hour and a half back to my apartment in 105 degree weather...luckily my bettas didnt have to big of a problem....)
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