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Replying a week later, sorry.

Been working plans out in a little more detail with my family, I have a better idea of what other things my brothers and sisters would be interested in learning, and my Mom has a better idea of what all we'll need to do to get set up. She says thank you, btw!

It looks like we'll either try to breed them during my fall break (1 week) or during Christmas break (about 1 month), so it will probably be too cold outside for an outdoors set-up anyways. I think my summers have become far to unpredictable now for us to do it when school is out again...

I have been keeping an eye out for cheap second-hand tanks to use, but I haven't found much of anything yet. (There was an odd number of people giving away broken/cracked 90+ gallon tanks through craigslist in our area though ) I was wondering if one of the really big plastic storage bins could work for a grow-out tank or even to use all the way through the process? I haven't looked at their sizes in gallons yet, but the ones I looked at could probably fit me inside of them if I crouched. Is there anything about using a bin like this that would make things harder, that I'm just not thinking of?

This is a much longer post than I meant to type!

PS: @doggyhog- Yay, Homeschoolers! Lol
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Using plastic storage bins are perfectly fine. Best thing about them is that they are cheap. The only con I can think of is that plastic is not very visible, thus it will somewhat lessen the experience of betta courtship. Other than that it's perfectly fine using it as a breeding and grow out tank.

Best of luck to you and I hope you all have a blast with this experiment. For some reason I am really excited for you guys too :)

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I did something similar with the fancy guppies I owned several years ago. This guy was one of my successes. He finally passed away about 2 years ago. He was 3 years old.
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I agree with ireland.

IMO if it's possible, you should use glass tanks. your bro and sis can see everything, courtship process, spawning, rearing fry, and fry growth plus the undesired diseases that may infect the fry. .... just a thought.
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Replying 2 weeks later.

Thank you, again. And WOW that is a beautiful guppy!

Well, we will definitely have a spare 10 gallon around the house for a while. Just adopted a friends fish because they had no room in the dorm for them and her roommate couldn't sleep with the filter. So they've been incorporated into our community tank at home. We have that tank and all of its accessories for now, but we promised if she ever wanted them back she could have them. We'll probably end up using that tank for the actual spawning, and only get bins for a grow-out tank if we can't find anything better within the next couple of months.
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