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What should i do?

i have had beta fish for years and i just got two new beta fish, one male and one female. they didnt look too happy in the 1/2 gallon bowls i had each of them in so i put them both in a larger 2 gallon tank for a few days untill i get my large 10 gallon tank set up. they get along and have each chosen a side of the tank that the other is not alowed to swim in. ive never tryed breeding them before but the male beta fish has begun to make a very large bubble nest and i dont know what to do if the female spawns. should i leave them together? ive read that the female will eat the babies if shes not taken out right away. what should i do if this happens when im not home to take her out or something?
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If you don't have the proper stuff for betta spawns {this list begins at fry food and goes from heaters to a grow out tank} and can't get it quickly if they spawn, I'd separate them to remove the risk.
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Where to start?

First of all you should never house two bettas in such a small tank together, especially not a male and a female. You are extremely lucky they have not killed each other yet... and believe me just because it seems to be going well does not mean they won't turn on each other.

Secondly it really doesn't sound like you have done the proper research and have the necessary items to breed so I would separate the fish right now before anyone gets hurt. It takes an average of $200-300 in start up costs to do one spawn the right way with proper food, heating, housing. A spawn can not be raised in a 2 gallon tank, not even a 10 gallon tank really.

Thirdly.. it's Betta, not beta.
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