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A couple questions

Hi, I have a Male Betta Fish and three little fish from the creek. They've lived together for probably a month and a half. I was just wondering if I'm over feeding them. I feed them 2-3 times a day because they all really seem to love eating and I want to make sure all 4 of them are getting the right amount of food. I give them about 2 pinches each time. And also, before I got my 10 gallon tank, I had just my betta in a betta bowl and he was ALWAYS making a bubble nest (Maybe because there was nothing else to do?) and now that I moved him to the big tank he seems REALLY Happy but has NEVER once made a bubble nest in it...he has been in there for almost 2 months. Is that bad? Like I said, he seems happy...he is always just staring at me, lol.
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First, remove the betta from the tank with the creek fish for these reasons:

"Creek fish" are wild. They will carry diseases your betta can contract.
They need temps far cooler than your betta can tolerate.
Your betta needs 76-81'F, your creek fish will do better with less.
Fish from the wild should stay in the wild, they shouldnt be kept in a tank.

Bettas dont only nest when "happy"...even horrendously sick fish will nest. Its instinct.

Feed no more to the fish than they can eat. Two pinches sounds fine. Bettas have the instinct of their wild cousins to eat whenever they can, because in the wild, food isnt a guarantee. therefore, theyre "always" willing to eat.

The creek fish ARE wild, and have that same mentality.
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