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Floyd has Costia?

I was wondering if anyone out there has knowledge or experience with costia or diseases that mimic it? Or has had Aquabid Thai bred bettas come down with symptoms similar under near perfect water parameters.

Floyd is in a filtered, heated 6.6 gallon Fluval Chi tank. All readings perfect 7 ph, ammonia and nitrites 0 etc. I currently have his temp at 82F but had it at 90F for 3 days while trying to run it out (normally I have it at 78F. I am dosing Aquarisol (copper sulfate) medication daily because I do not want to stain the tank or mess up the filter since both my QT tanks are housing new arrivals. He also has low levels of betta spa (Indian almond leaf extract) and low levels of aquarium salt in the water.

His only symptom is a hardly detectable opaque white patches on his body only. His body is platinum so they are impossible to photograph and only visible under certain lighting and at certain angles. They are larger than ich and not raised or textured in any way, but smooth like his normal scales.

He eats very well, is very active and interactive. He did have some tailbiting but it is coming in beautifully and fast with no biting at all since I have started feeding him more.

The only possible husbandry issue is slight ph fluctuations during water changes before I stared measuring my RO water and tap water more carefully (the last 2 weeks)

I have been medicating him for a week without any changes in the patches and am concerned that he has a heat and salt resistant strain (more common in asia) and possibly copper resistant. I am not sure what the next step is. Should I remove him and put him in a bowl with betta revive? (It has methylene blue and malachite green) or just be patient as not enough time has passed in this treatment. I am so confounded since this disease usually attacks bettas under bad conditions and has more symptoms.

Sorry for the long post!! Thanks for any replies.
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