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Old 08-04-2011, 01:46 AM   #1 
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Talking Does your Betta have 'friends'?

Okay when I got other fish for my tank I knew it was more for me then Xochi. Really I was expecting for him to be angry at me and maybe, at best, he would ignore the other fish [bottom feeders]. He is, after all, rather aggressive seeming and I was fully ready to keep the fish in different tanks.

Well... Xochi loves my Oto Cats. Never once did he attack or chase them. Though he did give them odd looks at first.

Now he works hard to hang out with them during the day when they are less active, even pushing himself under part of the log to hang out next to them. He also likes to lay on the leaves they are grazing over and he almost seems to hide them with his fins from me when I spook him. Draping his body over the closest one and flaring at me.

All in all its bizarre behavior.

One of the Oto's is a eggy female that he's smitten with. She's the one he hangs out with the most and yesterday I checked in on her and she was chilling out on a leaf with him near her. A while later I checked back in and she now had a bubble nest around her. It was too dang amusing.

Main Point: Anyone else have their Betta decide they felt like being friendly with their other fish?
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i dunno if this counts, but my Delta, Ichi, and my blind HMPK, Theo, are pretty good neighbors. since Theo is only partly blind, he wiggles and gets excited when he sees Ichi, but Ichi doesn't flare or stress out over it. in fact, Ichi tail bites more now, since he's away from Theo, than he did when next to Theo.
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Location: IE California
I think that counts. They might have enjoyed looking at each other and was entertained by it. =]
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Not another fish. By my little guys has been very interested the few times I've brought my bird over to see him. He stays very close to the glass and just watches very intently.
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