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how do you know if your betta fish will breed?

i have 2 new betta fish(one male and one female) in a 10 gallon tank right now. i just got them and they get along great. I just transfered them from a smaller 2 g tank today. my male began to make a bubble nest in the privious tank. dos this mean he wants to breed with the female? they seem to chase eachother around alot and flair there gills at eachother. How do i know if they will breed? and what do i do if she spawns? im not prepared for baby beta fish. should i seperate them? And any advice for caring for new baby betta fish if this dose happen? and ive also read that the female will try to eat the eggs after she spawns. how do i prevent this?
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Seperate them asap. You should not keep males and females together. There is a chance your male may kill your female if you keep them together, your stressing them out. Bubble nesting is an instinct, doesn't mean they need to breed.

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Exactly, breeding is something that should only be undertaken after a good amount of research and prep. Its not easy and if certain steps aren't taken can quickly lead to the loss of one or both of your fish...
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If you don't want babies then don't house males and females together. Sometimes petstore employees will tell people that it's ok.
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If you're asking how to prevent the mom from eating the eggs, and then say you don't want/aren't prepared for babies, you are giving mixed signals :/
Separate them now.
You aren't experienced enough and aren't prepared for breeding. So don't put them together.
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Old 08-06-2011, 04:10 AM   #6 
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please set up a divider or something so that they are separated. if they are chasing and nipping its not a good thing. pairs that are ready to breed get along. in this case you can very possibly end up with injured or dead fish. dont let it happen.
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