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lol PewPew xD

The tea bags should be safe, just soak them in a separate container of water until it is tea colored then add it to his QT gradually over a few hours.

He could be a little depressed because of the rain. Rain (especially heavy rain w/ thunderstorms or after a heat streak) can really lower the barometric pressure (atmospheric pressure). Many animals will become more lethargic leading up to and following rain/storms. My lizards will stop eating completely and sleep all day if the atmospheric pressure drops severely. That is a possibility.

I don't think the ice bag would have caused this unless he got stuck near it and got too cold? The temp didn't drop quickly or too much right?

He doesn't look too thin... If his poop is the color of his food then I think he is clean. You can help him bulk up by feeding him frozen or live foods for one of his daily meals. I give pellets in the AM and frozen bloodworms/glassworms in the PM. Live foods would be great if you could get them.
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