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20 Gallon Sorority & 5 Gallon Updates

20 Gallon Sorority: Did a major water switch today, as I missed the last scheduled change due to illness.

Some observations:

Since I've been feeding wingless fruit flies for about two months, Bog (my bloat-troubled CT) has finally 'turned the corner' - she's staying slim and has put on some major growth on her fins. Although she's a really weird colored marbling (cranberry with pale mint iridescent on Cambodian body), she's looking the best she ever has been. Woo Hoo!

I've noticed growth also for the red twin, Rosey and Thorne. Sunrise, Sunset, Sunny and Eclipse are all flawless. Misty (HM cellophane) has some serious fins issues I'm about to address. She's taken a lot of nips as of late, so I'm putting her in isolation in a solution of two tsp. Epsom salts and decaffeinated green tea extract.

I'm noticing that Sky and the Sorority leader, Miss America, are also a bit tattered. I'm hoping that with Misty in QT, the sorority dynamics will shift and Miss America can heal in-tank. I don't want to take her out of the sorority for treatment if I can help it, as she may lose her position - and she's been a great sorority leader.

Mossy has a hole in her fin that is healing and Peacock is as healthy as ever.

I've been keeping the light off most of this summer, to reduce stress and tank heating.

I've also been less of a nervous Mom... the girls take tiny nips here and there, but with clean water and high quality food, they heal quickly on their own. Misty is at the point now where she needs a 'time-out'. A few days of rest, and she'll be ready to torment everyone again!


In the 5 gallon, Baby Blue is doing just fine. She's learned that if she misses the food and the current takes it, all she has to do is wait for the current to bring it back again. No more chasing the food. She nabs it as it floats to her!

She now sleeps in her train during the day. I'm glad she likes it.

While I sit at my desk and type, Kitty snoozes on top of our shredder (disturbing, I know), which is right next to the 5 gallon tank (at cat's eye level) where BB is. They watch each other and me, and I them. Kitty is BB's protector and keeps the other two cats in the household (my fiance's) away. Pretty cool!

Hope you are all making it through the summer okay! See you on the board!
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