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Is an Accidental Spawn With Divider Possible?

When I used to have pet rats it was very important to either keep all of one gender (or desexed), or keep them far apart because they could mate between the bars. Should one of my boys pass (though hopefully not!), I was thinking of getting a female, but I need to know a couple of things first.

A) Is it more or less stressful for a male to live next to a female vs another male?

B) Should the divider NOT fail in any way, is it at all possible for them to breed? My knowledge of betta breeding is limited, but I am pretty sure that there is no way this could happen since they wrap and the eggs fall to the bottom.

Thank you!
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You are correct - eggs have to be squeezed out by the male where (I believe) they are fertilized as well, then brought up to the nest. I suppose, theoretically, outlandishly, lol, it could be possible if she somehow releases her eggs and he catches them and fertilizes them? I really don't think that can happen though
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I'd say no because if he had found a way through the divider he would nip/do damage to her, because for breeding you need to introduce them for a few days or they would hurt each other. I guess it may depend on your betta though
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I housed a male next to a female for 6 months. She used to tease him through the divider and a couple of times he found ways around/over/under it, but neither of them was ever bothered by sharing a tank.

I think some bettas get a lot more territorial and aggressive when placed in a divided tank. I have two females who would probably kill each other if their divider ever failed.

It wouldn't be possible for them to breed without getting in with each other. Even if they did get in, the chances of them spawning are slim. They have to be conditioned and have certain triggers present to induce spawning. My male used to just chase the female off and claim both sides of the tank as his own.
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