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Injured Halfmoon!!!

So, last night I watched the fish until 1 am, everything seemed fine, divider was tight, etc. WOke up at 5 am and checked again, nothing. I get up again at 7, can't find Jazz anywhere. Finally, I find him...on the wrong side of the divider. He looks perfectly fine, he's just not swimming around. I grab him and get him on the other side of the divider (I'm convinced he jumped, neither side had a hole big enough for the fish.) and notice his anal fin is totally ripped up. uh-oh. Out they BOTH come, into their little cups. Typical fish, the new red and white veiltail is perfectly fine (Maybe I should call him Ripper). Jazz ACTS fine other than a few small swimming issues and his ripped anal both are now in cups until I sort this out, and Jazz (Or "Ripper") may end up living in my small 1 gal. :( poor things.

Should I take the new one back??? I think If I put Jazz in with some females he'd be fine, but not with a fish as aggressive as Ripper...even though there was a divider...ughhh I am so mad at myself now. WHY did I let Jazz in the tank when he had been trying to get around the divider

On a higher note, Ripper has settled in fine with no stress. He did the wiggle dance when I was peering in at the tak this morning looking for Jazz...

I've stuck this on a couple other threads about these two fish, but I need to know what to do for Jazz
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Right now, if Ripper is fine, I wouldn't worry about him. Just keep him in the divided tank and keep an eye on him to make sure there are no problems. Put Jazz in the 1 gal, and add a tsp of aquarium salt. Change the water every day, and his fins should start healing. Discontinue the salt treatment after ten days, and work on finding a normal tank for him. Please, please, please don't put him with any females, though. Even if he wouldn't try to hurt them (which is unlikely) they'd probably attack him and he'd be severely outnumbered. The only time I could really justify keeping males and females together is if you had years and years of expirience.
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