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betta lover1507
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my poor male betta he was a veil tail,had a royal blue to him with red, and my first betta that started my obsession on them, he died this year around janurary i only had him for 4 months.

i had some money and i wanted to buy a betta s i went to pet supplies and saw a beautiful VT royal blue male, i had to buy him so i did. home wasn't safe because my cats will drop his little tank on the floor ( i had no money to buy a good tank) i would rush him to the sink to give him water i was so scared for my little buddy that he would die when am at school, but he made it, i put him into a 27 gallon high tank buy himself he felt free and safe i was happy to. he will always make bubble nest so he was good for breeding but thats when i had no females.but since my little brother wanted a betta my parents told me to give him to my brother, so i did. my little brother got 5 tetras for him to have some friends ... they weren't nice friends ="[. i wanted to breed him but my little brother refused. me andf my dad fed his fish cleaned his tank, etc. he did nothing. my dad got tired of doing his response ability so he told him to feed and clean. he did sometimes , then he got used to it and did it every day. awhile that was going the tetras didn't really be mean to sky light no more. i could tell he never liked living there because when i had him he will build bubble nest the day after. but he never built a bubble nest when my brother had him. my brother would've clean his tank once a month so it was dirty but the filter was the only keeping it to look clean. i had a sorority at the time. so i was busy doing that. i would check on sky light and he would be between in rocks and not moving so i thought he was depressed. i felt so bad for him but my little brother didn't really notice because he was never in his room often. until one day i went to check his tips of his tail where shredded and grey, then i knew it was tail rot. the saddest part that my parents had no money so nature took it course and he past away in a place he never liked ...

but now he is in a better place with my other past away betta's.
i also had two sororities they all died by fungus and dropsy ...

but only one made it here is her photo: ( bad camera)
her name is: "Luna"
she has red fins, a black body, when light reflects off her she has a blue tint, i don't know what she is she is between because her tail fin is crown tail and the other fins are veil tail. ( thank god that he let me keep at least one)i was trying to breed her but it didn't work out.i have a drawing of her and supposed to be a male that she was to breed with:

i don't have a picture of sky light but i have a drawing it looks like him tough.:

sorry it was long

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death, male betta

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