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Today I bought 6 plant bulbs from PetsMart one was a waterlillie, one was a onion, and the 4 others where small bulbs that I don't remember what they where called.... I threw the pakage away :-/
I have 2 platys 2 mollies 1 betta (in seperate tank) 1 otto and 5 guppys.
I have read things about subtrates and I'm not sure what these are or the best way to take care of these plants.
I have sand on the bottom of my tank. And a couple of small( very small) decorative rocks on the top layer of sand.
I know this is better for the tropical fish keeping community but I like this forrum better the answers are better more informanitive and less snippy.(not trying to be rude to anybody that is just how I was treated at that forrum it doesn't not mean the entire forrum is that way)
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Hello there!

There are plant specific substrates on the market. The most common and highest rated are Flourite and Eco-complete, although I've heard ADA Aquasoil is quickly making it's way into the top list. These substrates supply iron to the plants, which is necessary for growth. They're not required for most plants, but provide noticeable results in terms of growth, flowering and leaf health and are definitely recommended.

Aside from that, you'll most likely need some sort of fertilizer to add necessary trace elements. I'd recommend Flourish Excel (For carbon) and Flourish Comprehensive. Both are made by Seachem and are not hard to find at pet stores or online. If you wanted to go all-out you could throw in the potassium and phosphorus fertilizers from the same company. The latter are not essential, but like the substrate, will provide faster growth and overall healthier plants.

Lighting is another concern, although I don't think you'd need anything fancy for what you listed. Check out PewPewPew's plant guide for pointers on that. Just post if you have any more questions.
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where can i buy these? what kinds should i avoid.
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You can buy these in places like petsmart and petco, believe it or not. Flourite is sold in Petsmart, Eco-complete in Petco. If you buy the Eco-Complete online- its on sale for only $16 for 20lbs and is only $6 to ship! Holy coockaracha.

Each one has their own issues, pros, cons...

Flourite kicks up a TON of dust and requires lots of rinsing, a few hours, even.
Eco-Complete has less kick-up, but comes in many less colors.
ADA Aquasoil tends to be much more expensive, and some say less effective. (open for debate)

I second the fertilizer note- but be warned: plants like anacharis, mosses and a few other plants have been known to melt when using Flourish excel.

Thanks for the reference, Nex :D <3
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