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I never thought much about how the humidity affect mosquito...we just have always had them...some years more than others and often year around unless we had snow/ice...even in the winter/colder months I would still find larva in standing water...not many but some.....this year we have been in a drought following a really dry winter, dryer than normal spring and now a summer drought-topped off by higher than normal temps...going into 50+ days of over 103F and some days as high as 115F.......the mosquito and larva population has dropped and the local newspaper has even written about it several times-stating that the humidity is a factor for the adults to function...too dry air and they can't fly-understand, this is for the mosquito in my area-it may be different for other species of mosquito and locations-I am sure they adapt in regards to location/environment/habitat...etc.......
I never knew this....honestly, never thought much about either had skeeter or we didn't.......personally-I could do without them but a lot of creatures depend on them as a food source and life cycle....The chain of chain...every things needs each other in some form...I just thought it was interesting in how humidity can affect the skeeter population in my area.....and answered my question to why I had limited larva...good thing I get other aquatic critters that the Betta fry can feed on....most I have no idea what they are.....but the fry eat them, grow and develop without any issues......
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Haha OFL, it really is fascinating to see how the slightest change in environment can have drastic effects on the flora and fauna of an area. I agree I used to hate mosquitoes with a passion, I still sorta do. BUT like flies they play a part in nature and are needed.
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