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Idil Reflections

Phoenix seriously reminds me of a hyper teenage male. Soon as I get near the tank he starts wiggling around. He's constantly eating.

Dragon, in his apartment seems to be the calm quiet type, always watching to see what I'm doing

Sunset is the smallest out of all my females, but somehow she managed to become the dominant one. She doesn't pick on the females, but they seem to know she's the boss. She's my little Orange body, Red fins girl which I plan to breed with Dragon when they're both ready (Not for a few months yet)

Vivian (Viv) is second to Sunset. They respect each other and she's twice Sunsets size. She acts like a queen.

Shiva and Siren remind me of two trouble makers. They're not aggressive but are always off in the corner whispering to each other and plotting who knows what.

Tell me all, what are your girls/guys like?
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oh, goodness.... let's see....

Lulu is my biggest betta, a PK female, but is super shy and submissive(she bars up for any other female i put in front of her)

Zidane is my biggest male, and is a CT, but is shy, but acts tough. it's kinda cute.

Chappy acts like a princess, and is super spoiled.

Ichi is sweet, and can live in plain view of Theo 24/7 without stressing at all(but WILL stress at the sight of another betta)

Theo is curious, but shy(he's partly blind and can't see things well. he wants to know what's out there, but is scared of it)

Purple is quiet, shy, and easily frightened.

my new three, i don't know much about . i haven't had them long, but so far, i can tell this:

Scout is super curious, and thinks he's bigger than he is.

Spy is secretive, but curious about the world

Heavy is sweet, gentle, and super curious.

xD i have a big family!
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Jazz is a sweet, goofy pig

Horizon...I don't even know. Her personality seems to change daily.

Ice pop Is the boss (I think) but acts really shy and sweet...yet Phantom and Horizon run from her

Phantom likes hiding in her shipwreck cave and chasing Horizon around...but basically leaves Ice Pop alone

If your wondering, every name has something to do with Marching band (BAND GEEK AT <3)
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Awww! they all sound interesting...Horizan's name seems to fit since there is no horizon that is exactly the same. :D
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