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What To Do Now?

(please read everything, before asking questions.)

so, i started treating my betta for fin rot on friday, august 5. i quarantined him in his cup from the pet store, and i filled a gallon milk jug with water and added 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt and about 1/8 teaspoon of stress coat+, since it says 1 teaspoon for 5 gallons. every morning, i pour out the water from his cup and leave about an inch for him, then i slowly pour water back in using the milk jug, so this is about a 95% water change everyday.

i brought him home from the store with a couple small tears in his tail, i thought it would heal up on its own. after about a week and half of no changes, i asked for advice here, which is when i started treating him for fin rot, because the tip of tears of his tail were slightly black.

i think the second or third day i was changing his water, he accidentally swam out and into the sink. (-_____-; doh!) i gently scooped him up with my hand and put him back into his cup. after that, i noticed he had two tears in his anal fin now.

it's been a week, and there's been little improvement. on day 5, i gradually increased the dosage to 1 1/2 tsp of AQ salt per gallon, (i emptied the water from the milk jug, then filled it up and added 1 1/2 tsp. with stress coat+). i'm just wondering what i should do now. it appears that one of the tears in his anal fin is healing slowly, but there's been little changes in his caudal fin.

the day before i QT'd him:

day one:

day two: (the day he got the two tears in his anal fin, there's one in the middle of the fin, and one near the back)

day three:

day seven, today: (august 12)

on about day five, six, and today, his color has been like on and off, sometimes it'd be vibrant and really red, and other times it'd be really dull and almost transparent. on today's pictures, you can see how dull his color his compared to the others. those were taken this morning, but right now his color is bright red.

i know the water changes have been stressing him out, which is why his color has been kind of crazy. after the water change each day, his color would usually dull, so i put a towel over his cup and i close most of the shutters in my room, so he can feel safe and secure. after a few hours, i check on him and he has most of his color back.

sometimes, when i go near the cup, he suddenly loses his color. i think he's afraid i'll pick up his cup and change the water again. he sort of doesn't trust me right now, but i understand that.

i'm just wondering what i should do now to help his fins regrow. i know i can't use the salt for more than ten days, so on monday, i'm going to put him back in his tank, and continue the stress coat+.

any advice? i just want him to be happy and healthy.
extra info: the water temp is around 78-80* F during the day, and around 76-78* at night. he's still active, he swims around in his cup and he eats. i usually feed him two pellets twice a day, but i've lowered it to one pellet twice a day when i put him in his cup. yesterday, i gave him one frozen bloodworm and one pellet.
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Honestly, I don't see fin rot on him... doesn't mean he doesn't have it, I just don't see it. There is new fin growth though on his tail. It seems he is missing that little chunk from the middle on his tail, could he just be a fin biter? Since if it was rot, it was only on a tiny part of one fin, something I haven't seen. But that is just my opinion.
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I see new can take weeks to month for total re-growth...the fins grow pretty fast but not that fast....Time....the hardest part of treatment and healing of fins....

Once the 10 day salt treatment is him in his regular tank-if the tank has a filter-make sure the water movement is really limited....even gentle movement can stress the fin, however, by the pic the fins don't look that bad....

If you have tannin to add to the premixed treatment water that can help stress and healing...either IAL or dried oak leaf and adding it to the tank can help too- if you don't mind tanned water......some people don't like the look regardless of the benefits for the Betta......

Once you have him back in his regular tank-I would add an extra 50% water only change to the water change schedule for a couple of weeks to a month

Nutrition is really important for tissue development-high protein for one of the meals.....a good quality varied diet fed in small frequent meals...several different foods are needed to meet the nutritional needs-the foods don't have to be Betta specific-the first couple of ingredients need to be fish/seafood either whole or meal and if you have access to mosquito larva add several rinsed larva daily for one of the meals......

Good water quality is important but without good nutrition the Betta can't heal as well or fast......

He is a beautiful fella by the way...hope he heals takes time.....
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@Myates thanks for trying to help though. (: the fin rot was really very mild, i barely noticed it, but the little piece in the gap of his tail was tipped black.

@OFL thank you so much! there's no filter in the tank, so there is no water movement. i'm glad that his fins don't look that bad. i would add tannins, but unfortunately, i don't have any around. i might be able to buy some IAL online.

i don't think i can feed him some mosquito larvae, but i do feed him frozen bloodworms and aqueon betta pellets. i just bought the frozen bloodworms a few days ago, and he enjoys them.

thanks again for your help. (: i'll be sure to do the extra 50% water change every week once i put him back in his tank. i guess i was stressing out about it and being paranoid. but, i'm glad his fins are regrowing, i'll be patient. (:
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